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They.               Over the past few years society has become more aware of demeaning words, and as a result, a movement has arisen called the ‘politically correct’ movement. The aim of the politically correct movement is to replace discriminitive words … Continue reading

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Rituals of the Nacirema (please read article first for better understanding)`

  BODY RITUAL AMONG THE NACIREM (Horace Miner)  —article What do think of these people? It is such a strange and different society of people, is it not? Now, take a few minutes and think about your daily habits. Things to you that … Continue reading

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Women’s Studies Essay Contest

ODU’s Department of Women’s Studies sez: Have you written an exceptional paper during 2011 on a topic pertaining to women for an ODU course during the SPring, Summer, or Fall semester? The Women’s Studies Dept. is looking for the best … Continue reading

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It’s a boy! Couple reveal sex of their ‘gender neutral’ kid after five years | The Sun |News  There seem to be a growing number of people who are making the decision to raise their child “gender neutral”. The couple featured in this article did not reveal the sex or name their child, who turned out to … Continue reading

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How to set up and use Google Reader

In composing your “short” blog pieces you are expected to engage in and link to other blogs. There’s like a million blogs out there! How are you supposed to keep track of them? Enter Google Reader: an easy way to … Continue reading

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Gendered Product Placement

I snapped this pic in the Valentine’s aisle at my local Walgreens when I ran in for some cold medicine. Among the candy filled hearts were these, a heart packaged in fake corrugated sheet metal (with stenciled lettering) and a … Continue reading

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STOP CENSORSHIP! Take time today to sign the petition to protect our Freedom of Speech

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