Rituals of the Nacirema (please read article first for better understanding)`



What do think of these people? It is such a strange and different society of people, is it not? Now, take a few minutes and think about your daily habits. Things to you that are so routine that you do not even have to think about the task at hand. For the men, how many of you all shave your faces? Is it normal to see a doctor, brush your teeth, take medicines when your sick? Horace Miner study our culture (American) and used it against us. He wanted our ethnocentric societies. This article shows that even our daily activities can seem crazy to other people. Miner wanted to show the importance of understanding other cultures and how ignorance can shelter one from the outside.

 I first read this article in my Introduction to Sociology class. As a read it I reacted much like the rest of my class; we were freaked by this odd culture. My professor then told us about who these people were…needless to say we were surprised to hear that it was describing American culture. I thought it would be fun to google the name Nacierma.  This video takes a look into our culture today in the eyes of an outsider. It is funny but also it shows how our normal really is not all that normal.



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3 Responses to Rituals of the Nacirema (please read article first for better understanding)`

  1. johncann2 says:

    “NACIREMA” or “AMERICAN” is a great play on words describing a culture that seems oddly misplaced, yet the penning is an observation of the very people reading the article. This was a great way to let the reader look at a culture in an obscure way causing us to think how strange the behaviors are then realizing how our own culture’s normative laws are abstracted within in the diction thereby allowing us to look from the outside in. Good article to post.

  2. Mary Casteen says:

    Very clever! This reminds me of my experiences working at a camp. I spent a whole summer living a lot simpler than I am accustomed to. On my return to “civilization”, I was struck by how much time we spend on maintaining our appearances and pursuing comfort. It’s always eye-opening to view your own culture from the outside.

  3. allibaker214 says:

    johncann2: That is why I love this article so much. It reminds Americans that just because we believe something to be the “normal” or “correct” way of living does not make it so in other people’s eyes.

    Mary Casteen: It is funny how much time we take trying to fit the image of AMERICAN. Its good to take a break from societal roles now and again.

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