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The Single Person’s Guide to Not Being Sad on Valentine’s Day

This blog post is a very interesting take on the lives of recently single people on Valentine’s Day. While this post is mostly supposed to be something humorous for you to enjoy, it really seems like it’s sending some interesting messages.

For example, this one was for the guys:


Watch at least 5 episodes of Entourage or any other show that makes relationships look worthless and singleness seem awesome. Don’t you want to be those guys? Well, if you were dating, you couldn’t be.


Watch The Notebook or Love, Actually, or anything that’s not about rampant casual sex or a lot of killing. Be careful. In some of those movies that seem like they’re about casual sex (No Strings Attached, Strictly Sexual, Friends with Benefits) the main characters actually develop feelings and learn to grow and love each other! That’s exactly what you’re trying to avoid!”

While this post was pretty humorous, most of the do’s and don’ts were telling men to be casual about relationships or not to bring out their emotions. The tips were generally about staying by yourself and reducing contact with as many people as possible. The post was funny but I wouldn’t be following these tips.


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2 Responses to Some Interesting Advice

  1. Oy! I was never very good at dating and I’m so glad I don’t have to do that again, maybe that’s why I married so young… oh, wait, no. I married because I love my wife! Yeah. *whew*

    I think what this post is saying is that the way romantic relationships are represented in popular culture is completely unrealistic. The danger, I think, is in the feedback. There are these TV shows and movies that portray courtship as a kind of fantasy that are quite dissonant from what people experience in their everyday lives. At the same time I think popular culture plays *some* role (what is the extent of that role is open to debate) in shaping peoples’ expectations and desires.

    Do you think popular culture has affected the way you perceive romantic relationships?

    • callyia says:

      I definitely think that popular culture has affected the way I think of romantic relationships. I think there are many sources out there that have contributed to what I think makes up a relationship. Because of watching different movies and television shows I’m pretty sure I unconsciously compare my relationships to characters relationships, basically dooming them.

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