Acceptance of Interracial Marriages on the Rise

America was founded as being a blending pot for all people, regardless of race, sex, gender, ethnicity, status, etc.  To this day it is still a blending pot for all people.  According to studies conducted by the Pew Research Center, the acceptance rates of interracial marriages are show increases from previous years.  Interracial marriages rates in the United States account for almost one tenth of all the marriages. This rate has almost doubled since the 1980’s.  With this increase of interracial marriages, the acceptance most Americans have of interracial marriages has shown improvements as well.  The same study showed that almost two-thirds of all Americans would be accepting and ok with one of their family members marrying someone of a different ethnicity. With an astounding acceptance rate of almost 66%, this is a vast improvement of the mere 33% of Americans viewing interracial marriages as acceptable in the 1986.

It is great to know that more Americans are becoming more acceptant of interracial marriages, because it shows the growth and unity of a nation that is accepting of all people, no matter what their skin color is.  Up until the mid to late 1900’s, many Americans were very color discriminate.  This shows that Americans have grown a lot in the 60 years that have past.

Being that Old Dominion is located right down the road from the largest Naval Base in the World, it should come as no surprise to many that Norfolk and the Hampton Roads area has a very large percentage of interracial couples present.  It would be interesting to know what the statistics of the acceptance ratings of the people of Hampton Roads would be concerning interracial marriages.

I found this article very interesting and was quite suprised by the results found by the Pew Research Center.  For more information of the findings of the Pew Research Center, check out this link:

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4 Responses to Acceptance of Interracial Marriages on the Rise

  1. America definitely was not founded as a blending pot for all people regardless of race. It was founded as a colony of French and English who kept Africans for slaves so they could displace the Indians off their land.

    You can see this pattern more clearly if you consider the racial make-up of the rest of the American continents: from Mexico to Central America there are more brown people whereas in the U.S. and Canada there are more fair people. That’s because Latin America was settled by the Spaniards with two kinds of colonists: priests and soldiers. In other words, men. So, from the get go, they were having sex with the Natives. The result is a mestizo (mixed) population.

    The English and the French brought their own women with them. They weren’t interested in mixing. They wanted to keep their races pure. That’s why there’s more fair skinned people in the areas they settled. That large scale mixing is going on in the U.S. now is a relatively recent development.

  2. karlishavb says:

    Interracial marriages and relationships are so prevalent right now, that you even notice it when you see it. My own family is such a mixture of different races, ethnicities, and cultures that I forget that every family isn’t like mine.

  3. danebohrer says:

    True, America was not founded as a blending pot for all people. I should have rephrased that. What I meant was that America has become a blending pot for all people regardless of race, sex, or color.

  4. cwils062 says:

    Interracial dating and marriage is not even a taboo anymore. I personally have a mixture of races in my family and my daughter is also mixed. When I date I do not see race but personality and the fact of that person being a good mate for me in the long run.

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