Girl playing football

She ready to knock heads!

I was struggling to get this blog post down, so I reached out to a fellow classmate to receive some assistance. I had procrastinated the assignment so I was trying to get it done as soon possible. Even when I got the help that I needed I still was to lazy to complete it. I couldn’t find an article that interested me enough, but right when I stepped out the house to go back to being a lazy grump, I had seen four kids about two houses down playing football. This is when I realized I had something to write about.

The kids were playing two on two tackle football outside in front of their house. I noticed that there was a young girl playing as well, and this is what intrigued me. As I was closing the door, I heard a loud scream. I focused my attention towards the kids again, and seen that it was the girl crying on the floor. One of the boys must have tackled the girl roughly. But within two minutes , the girl wiped away her tears and walked away from the boys. She went straight to a skateboard that was sitting on the edge of the street and started doing tricks. I kinda felt wrong observing these kids play, just wasn’t something that I do on the regular, but I really wanted to speak about this to the class blog. Anyways, right before I drove off, the girl that was just skating in the street ran straight to the boy who had knocked her down full force and tackled him. She then yelled “I’m back to play Bitch%$, and I dear you BOYYYY to tackle me again.” I can’t tell you how funny it sounded in the moment, but I was really proud of the girl. To go back with some vengeance and make a statement to those boys.

Just as we talked about many times in class, girls have been stereotyped to play with dolls such as barbies, have tea parties, and other “girly” things at a young age. You don’t typically see a girl playing football in the neighborhood with the boys. But I know there are lots of girls that too, will say that actually that is what they did when they were young.  Either because they simply liked too, or because they had lots of brothers or something along that line. We need more girls like this to participate in activities that are outside the lines. We definitely nowadays in society are seeing women more and more doing things that are outside the stereotype of being “girly” and it is great to see women evolve in society.

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  1. dt3d says:

    I completely agree with your outlook. I was actually one of the girls who used to play around with the boys, only difference in my case was I never actually got tackled because I was too fast to get caught. I feel that as more and more girls break out their socially constructed box, that would lead to the destruction of stereotypes regarding females. But then again ‘tom-boys’ have been around for decades, so maybe thats simply wishful thinking.

  2. jenahmoody says:

    Hahaha! This story is awesome. I had three brothers so I was used to being a rough and tumble kind of girl. It wasn’t until I got older and realized that boys didn’t date girls who could shove them into lockers or run them down after an insult. But I am in total agreement that little girls should be able to run with the boys and be on equal footing with them. I think it gives them more confidence when they get older.

  3. myykallbee says:

    This sounds like me! I was always hanging out with little boys in the neighborhood, all the girls were younger than me and once i stopped caring around baby dolls its about all I had left to do! I think that the more time goes by the more girls you actually see doing this, we are definitely changing. I mean hey look at how it used to be compared to now. It used to be really bad to see a girl in a bar playing pool, but now you go into a bar and they’re all over the place! Women are definitely branching out at society changes, maybe the standing stereotypes will change one day.

  4. allibaker214 says:

    I loved this because it reminded me of being a kid in my neighborhood. My friends and I ruled the streets (in a totally good way) and we loved to get dirty. We spent a lot of time riding bikes through the mud, playing basketball, softball, hockey, and soccer in the streets, etc. Its sad because you see girls playing athletic sports. Parents should encourage their daughters to get out there and play with the boys because that begins to show them that they are equal to one another.

  5. e924919 says:

    As I was growing up in the neighborhood back in northern virginia, I do remember there being one girl playing all the sports we could come up with along with us. We used to pick on her and everything because she was girl, but i definitely know all that bullying thickened her skin. Funny thing is, she also attends ODU. I would have expected her to grow up as a “tom boy” but she is an elegant young lady, who doesn’t take shit from anyone. Im proud of how she turned out to be.

  6. renatepavusa says:

    hahahaha Good for her! I love seeing girls play “boy” sports. Although I do not believe they should be treated differently. For instance, I know many of times where I have seen a sport “not played full out” because a girl was playing and they didn’t think she could do or handle the same thing. I dont think this is fair, if a girl wants to play with the boys she should be able to take what they dish out. Just as this young girl did, she absorbed it in, composed herself, and handled the boy that took her down. Perfect. :)

  7. jraez says:

    I really like this little observation of the kids playing. I do disagree with your last paragraph though. I have always thought that the way to break gender stereotypes is to allow the children to become who they want. It’s not about little girls playing “boy games” or little boys playing “girl games.” I think breaking stereotypes is more about allowing children no matter their sex to play whatever of either gendered games. Little boys and girls should be allowed to play with whatever toys they want. They should be able to play whatever games they want. If we just push little girls to play “boy games” then the “boy games” will become the new gender stereotyped “girl games.” Stereotypes cannot be broken until we no longer categorize children’s games as either boy’s or girl’s and just let them play. They need to be able to explore and come to their own decisions about what they want to play with and where they feel most comfortable.

  8. lhitt says:

    I think that when women are given the opportunity to play these “man” sports with other men on teams, we definitely prove ourselves or at least prove our potential to keep up with the guys. Whether or not the men will ask women to play is another story.

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