Protect Women’s Bodies

Please take time to email or call our state Representative today. VA government is trying to pass a bill forcing women to have vaginal ultrasounds and to hear and see a fetus heartbeat before they have a “legal” abortion. This is out to shame women out of abortion. It is a violation of our bodies. It doesn’t matter if you personally believe in them or one has the right to decide what happens to you body.

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2 Responses to Protect Women’s Bodies

  1. ashleighvanstraten says:

    I read an article about this issue in the newspaper awhile back. I was shocked! I believe that they should not be allowed to do this at all! I think if a woman makes a decision to have an abortion it is her decision only, since it is her body, and it is ridiculous that the government is trying to prevent women from having an abortion by forcing them to listen to a fetuses heartbeat.

  2. ssisk001 says:

    I agree with Ashleigh. I think that a woman should be allowed to make her own decisions based off of her own reasoning. She should not be forced to listen to the heartbeat of her unborn child if it is not something she wants to do. A woman should have the right to choose on her own terms and not the terms established by a governing force whose main goal is abortion prevention.

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