The Influence of Music

Its been taking me days to come up with a topic that would be interesting to me as well as to others. I know this topic is going to have everyone pouring out his or her feelings and thoughts, but hey here it goes.  The whole concern is, is the blind leading the blind?

 Everyday we listen to different types of music from different artists. Mean while majority of these artists are devil worshipers.  So the question comes into play when people are nodding his or her heads to the music and saying this is my song to man I really love this song, are these evil spirits taking over every listener too? However individuals like the song for the beat or the rhythm. Not only but music is a learned repetition (example our ABC’s). It’s a proven fact that repetitious rhythms put the mind into a hypnotic state, which enables the mind to be easily influenced by suggestion. In the mean time is she or he really breaking down the lyrics and getting the full interpretation of the message?  Sit back and take a look on how music influences your daily life, on a second thought imagine the world without any music.

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One Response to The Influence of Music

  1. Could you say a little more about devil worship and evil spirits in music? I think I need some examples of what you mean. If your point is that people listen to music without actually hearing it, I think you are right.

    I just need a little more clarity, especially as to how it relates to our class on gender.

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