Women Writers Less Respected Than Male Writers, part II

Just to add to my original post:

I just read an article that is about literary sexism.  It talks about the fact that even in the twenty-first century women writers are a lot less respected than male writers.  The article states that literary sexism has been wreaking havoc on the self-esteem of women for centuries.  Some critics thinks it is ok and even the cool thing to do to down grade books written by women.  As a writer in training this really worries me.  I take my writing very seriously, and to think that my writing will be less respected because of my sex pisses me off.

The article states that the book world is dominated by women.  Women write about half the published books, 62% of publishers are women, and women make up about 80% of fictions readers.  So how is literary sexism still possible with these numbers?

According to the American women’s literary organization, VIDA the answer may lie in how books are reviewed.  According to the article, The New York Times Book Review reviewed nearly two books written by men to every one by a woman.  The New Republic reviewed 55 books me and nine by women.  At The New Yorker it was 33 books by men and nine by women.  At the New York Review of Books it was 306 by men and 59 by women.  At The Times Literary Supple-ment, 1036 books by men and 330 by women.

With numbers like that youwonder where would Nicholas Sparks be if he was Nicole Sparks? Would James Patterson be as famous if he was Jenny Patterson? And the original question, Where would J.K. Rowling have got to if she’d written as Joan Rowling?

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