Women Writers Less Respected Than Male Writers

I read a poem a few days ago in my World Masterpieces II class written by Anne Finch.  The poem was called “The Introduction”; it was written in the Eighteenth century and is about how women are not respected as writers.  At the time when she wrote this poem women were not meant to get an education and become writers.  Anne Finch had to publish her work anonymously.  Here are a few lines from the poem:

DidI my lines intend for public view,

How many censures would their fauts persue,

Some would, because such words they do affect,

Cry they’re insipid, empty, uncorrect,

And many, have attain’d, dull and untaught,

The name of Wit, only by finding fault.

True judges might condemn their want of wit,

And all might say, they’re by a Woman writ.

Alas! a woman that attempts the pen,

Such an intruder on the rights of men

“Where would J.K.Rowling have got to if she’d written as Joan Rowling?”






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2 Responses to Women Writers Less Respected Than Male Writers

  1. karlishavb says:

    I wrote a longer posts than this, but the computer cut me off. I will have to start over to upload a longer version of this post.

  2. What really caught my eye about this post was that very last line. “Where would J.K.Rowling have got to if she’d written as Joan Rowling?” I feel like people wouldn’t have taken up the books a lot more had there been an actual female name associated with it. I mean when a female writes a book people automatically think “oh shit it’s gonna be some romantic lovesick chick stuff, I don’t want to read that.” So they put the book or they don’t read the magazine/article by that author and move on. However, when a women does write something amazing and they have to put it under another name or an abbreviation of their name its sad because they can’t take credit for what is rightfully theirs and what they worked so so hard for. A good example of this is Emily Bronte author of Wuthering Heights who published under the male pen name of Ellis Bell and also her sister charlotte Bronte author of Jane Eyre who published under the name Currer Bell. I feel like JK Rowling was kind of making a statement when she published under “JK Rowing” and not “Joan Rowling.” However, Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight is a huge bestseller and she has her name printed up there in bold.

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