Born this Way.

Little Boy Wants To Be A Girl Scout

Watch Video first.

In this video, a little boy, Bobby, knows the difference between being a boy and girl.  He knows the different between boys and girls things, but he likes girl things.  What I believe he doesn’t know is being homosexual or heterosexual.  I believe that he just truly just happens to like girl things.  His mother lets him go to school looking like a girl.  Is that ok?  Are we to judge?  It is her child, and raising him is up to her.  But is it ok for her son to get picked on and ridiculed? NO of course not, but he doesn’t know the difference.  He just knows that he like girl things.  He gets on picked on because he is being him and that is what we are supposed to do. Be ourselves, but he can’t be Himself because he like “girl things.”  It just came as a shock to me how all of this came about.  He is young and he’s already being targeted, so just imagine when he gets older and he starts to understand how other people might not think this topic is ok.

To me, nothing is wrong with it at all…you like what you like.  But the problem comes when he wants to be a girl scout.  He looks like a girl, talks like one, but couldn’t be accepted simply because biologically, he is a boy.  This video has a lot of contriversial things in it; bullying, homosexuality, and how to raise a child.  What would you do if you were in that situation?  I just thought it would be good discussing this in class.

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4 Responses to Born this Way.

  1. caleno23 says:

    I was reading the comments from the page the video was on, and was very surprised that the majority of the comments related to “beating the bitch out of him”. And another surprise to me is that a lot of other comments referred to homosexuality. I thought the video was good because this is something that has become semi-frequent. Within the past year, I’ve heard of two other news stories about little boys liking girls clothes/products. As much as I’m in favor of diversity and acceptance, I don’t like the misconception that gender identity has anything to do with sexual identity. Its a general misconception that people (children or adults) who struggle with societal norms of appropriate gender behaviors are gay. Gender identity is not the same as sexual identity.

    I do like that you posted this video =] I’m sure the pressures for him as he get older will only intensify, and I’m sure its hard for parents to see the cruelty of others towards their children. But in situations like this, it only matters if those who are important to that person love and accept them, and obviously he has that. =]

    • taniabiaa says:

      YES. You made a good point about the misconception of gender identity and sexual identity. Just because he likes girl things does not necessarily mean that he is homosexual. He probably doesn’t even know the whole meaning to that word. When I was younger, I used to enjoy playing with my brothers toys rather than mine, and yes I’m a little tomboyish, that doesn’t mean I’m homosexual. I feel as though people just have a big misconception of everything. And yes, luckily he has a mother who supports him no matter what decision he decides to make.

  2. dalex019 says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw the little boy was “He must have an awesome mother.” To be a boy who likes traditionally girl things can bring a lot of negative attention but, the fact that he seems so happy leads me to believe he has a very supportive mother. I do understand the predicament the Girl Scouts is in. I think gender and Trans issues can be very new and complicated so it takes time to figure out exactly how to deal with them. One thing I noticed was the Girl Scouts position on Trans issues: “If the child identifies as a girl and the child’s family presents her as a girl.” More often you see people of companies who are ok with Trans issues as long as the person picks one gender or the other. I think the fact that this child knows he is a boy but likes traditional girl things makes people more uncomfortable than if he was a boy who wanted to be a girl.

  3. Djhop21 says:

    Reading your blog made me feel like the little boy’s mother was dumb for letting him dress like that, but when i saw him he is truly happy. I believe that the boy’s mother should let him dress like that in the house if he wants. Going to school like that is not a good idea, because that will only be fuel for bullies. He’s already talking about it hurts his heart when he gets picked on so when he gets to high school it will only get worse. For his sake the mother should keep the cross dressing in the house. Clearly he wants to be a girl but until he is able to make that change actually happen it would be best if that was done inside of the home until he is out of school. There has been plenty of related suicides to bullying and I am positive his mother would not want that.

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