The Suggestion of Gender Roles in Disney Movies

This video here is an in depth look of how Disney suggest gender roles and images of how men and women are “suppose” to look. As the video starts it begins to show how Disney suggested the “ideal” women and body types. Disney used princesses to suggest these roles. Princesses are idolized by little girls all over the world and the actions of these princesses are all the same. They all were tall, slender, with long full hair and had big innocent looking eyes. This was the first wrong doing of Disney, because every woman is not shaped like that and because a woman is shaped like that does not mean that she is a princess. Looking at the male aspect of Disney they portrayed the Heroes and some other males as tall, overly masculine, and violent with huge muscles. Little boys who did not look like this might feel like less of a man.

The roles that Disney portrayed are really important, because our youth is heavily affected by what they are shown through the media. The women did socially constructed gender roles such as cleaning, cooking, and even seducing. Even the newer Disney movies such as the Princess and The Frog had these roles in there. The lead woman wanted to cook and have her own restaurant. I guess this would be an improvement by suggesting a woman as a business owner but she still wanted to cook. Looking at other things Disney suggested in Aladdin that means of seduction can get a man to do what you want. As we see in the video to distract the villain Princess Jasmine takes a piece of cloth off suggesting that if she shows her body a man will submit to her. She also walks and talks in a way that we all would say is sexual in a sense. Am I the only one who thinks Disney needs to change the way their films are or do you think our youth is not affected by this kind of material.


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2 Responses to The Suggestion of Gender Roles in Disney Movies

  1. ashleighvanstraten says:

    For my women studies class, I wrote an entire essay on this particular subject. In almost every single Disney movie, these gendered stereotypes are depicted. I think that this definitely does have some type of impact on a young child who is watching these movies. For me personally (when i was younger) I always thought that in order to be liked by a guy or be considered pretty, girls needed to have long beautiful hair. When my mom decided to chop it off, I felt less pretty and not like the princesses I wanted to be like.

  2. Djhop21 says:

    This is what i am trying to get everyone to see. I know you are just one person but you were affected by these portrayals and i believe there are many more out there who feel the way you do. We as people have enough problems with judging people and things of that nature. We do not need it added into cartoons that our youth watch everyday.

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