Women feel pain more intensely than men

A recent study by HealthNewsDaily proves that we women are truly real life superheros. In this study researchers researched more than 250 diseases and tested almost 11,000 patients. In their results, women’s pain scores were almost 20% higher than the men’s.

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5 Responses to Women feel pain more intensely than men

  1. lhitt says:

    This is very true – and I’m not just agreeing because I am woman!!! There have been numerous studies that prove that women DO tolerate more pain than men. Men are still reluctant to admit this; however, they must come to this fact – women can tolerate more than men. . . sorry guys!!!

  2. jbent008 says:

    As a man, I have to say that I will give the pain award to women. I play rugby for Old Dominion, I played lacrosse in high school, both of which are sports where pain and injuries are prone, and have happened to me many times. With all of the pain that I have felt in my life, broken ribs, broken limps, concussions, pulled muscles; I do not think I could stand the physical pain of birthing a child.

  3. bradhelmick says:

    Thats crazy. I have heard from people that they thought girls are tougher then boys, but I never really gave it much merit. Honestly I think it just depends on the women and men who were surveyed. I don’t disagree that women can possibly be tougher then men I simply think it is a hard thing to accurately get results on.I will say though i do not think i could give birth without the use of some powerful drugs.

  4. jflosblog says:

    I think that men and women experience it differently than men. Through my experiences i have poked a girl and she will say that it hurt whereas if i was to poke a man they would not say anything or maybe not of even felt it. Maybe women just want more attention for their pain when men don’t want people to know that they are in pain to seem more masculine or tougher. Women go through childbirth though which is a pain that men can’t even imagine and think that everyone experiences pain differently not just men and women but every individual and also past experiences effects how much pain you will feel.

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