Gender Role Reversal Dating

Gender Role Reversal Dating

This is a funny video that I came across on  Its funny their portrayal of young relationships with the gender role switch.  Sorry if a couple of the scenes are a little obscene, but its nothing too bad.

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  1. There’s a couple of real funny bits in this one. Watch the video first! **SPOILERS**

    Okay, I loved: the female premature orgasm (ha!) and the couple in an argument where the girl’s eyes start to glaze over — that’s just how my face feels when my wife yells at me!

    The thing I don’t get: the annoyed girl taking her boyfriend shopping. Does this actually happen to people? Maybe its because I dated tomboys and scientists, but I don’t think I’ve ever taken a woman to the mall for recreational shopping. Like, Christmas shopping, sure. But just hanging out looking at shoes and jackets? Seriously? That happens?

  2. jbent008 says:

    The two parts that I thought were funniest were when the business men were all sitting in the office and the delivery man came in with the flowers, I dont know how those guys could keep straight faces while filming that bit. And when the couple is laying in bed, and the women is giggling while the man is sitting up with reading glasses on, and the women farts and dutch-ovens the man underneath the covers. That is such a typical guy thing to do, I felt watching this that for the most part the creators really nailed it with the gender role switch in this scenario.

  3. taniabiaa says:

    This made me laugh!! I loved it, I like the part when they were shopping and the girl was like, ” don’t you already have that?” haha. And I really like the part when the girl sent him flowers infront of all his co-workers. Then a guy says, “… never bought me flowers.” hahah, that’s how it happens sometimes. I’ll see someone get flowers then instantly think, “well my boyfriend didn’t get me any flowers.”

  4. See I was wondering if a woman would find this funny. My first impression was that it was a comedy sketch written by men about what a man thinks a gender role reversed relationship would look like. I was about to suggest that the jokes would be very different if a woman had written them, but then I’m just making assumptions here.

  5. jbent008 says:

    I actually was showing my friends this video today while we were all hanging out, and one of the girls that was in the room started hysterically laughing when the man was sitting on the bed crying while leaving a message, she made the comment “this is pathetic how girls act sometimes, I know I am guilty of this”, it was just kind of funny to have a girl actually agree with the majority of all the scenes in this short video.

  6. dalex019 says:

    My best friend is married and I see plenty of these things between him as his wife. The funniest was the scene when the guy was eating from the girl’s plate. I see that a lot and it normally makes my friend so upset. He will never go shopping with her but every time she brings something new home he does say “Don’t you already have that?” and she always answers “Not in this color.” One scene I found particularly powerful was the one where the guy says “I’ll do that thing we talked about.” It just reminded me that we never see men offering sexual favors for anything but, that is very common in women on TV and movies.

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