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Transsexual Teacher forced to Resign Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy   Christina Cracraft was forced to resign her job as a teacher for the Santa Fe, New Mexico School District after it became known that she was … Continue reading

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You do like sex, don’t you?

This commercial originally caught my eye because it featured a lone potentially single woman which isn’t typical. Usually condoms are something that is marketed by men or heterosexual couples. Unfortunately in place of a sex positive woman I see a … Continue reading

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“The Gender-Neutral Games”

Okay, call me a nerd, but I am obsessed with Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy. I couldn’t resist but blog about it for this class when I stumbled upon an article, written by Tarina Quraishi of the Harvard Crimson, about … Continue reading

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I found this movie trailer by accident and was almost instantly intrigued. Because of the title I could kind of guess what the theme would be however, during the trailer, I really couldn’t tell for sure if Mikael was a … Continue reading

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revisednotes Hopefully I did this right…Revised notes for= Week 9 group-Mary Casteen,Jenah Moody,Immecca Benson,Randall Hopkins,Allen Walker I put something in the description thinking it would show up on here…basically, great work. Brought it down about 2 pages, fixed some typos. … Continue reading

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Got Milk?

Are people  getting offended over nothing? While browsing the web I came across this ad campaign for milk that tried to be comical but it had ended up being controversial and ultimately being dropped. Its ads suggested that it was … Continue reading

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The Face of a Man (a Maori Man)

These are the faces of men, tattooed in the traditional Maori fashion.  I was first exposed to  the Maori people when I learned about the New Zealand team the All Blacks.  This rugby team uses interesting intimidation moves at the … Continue reading

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