Merged Gender

I sit here and think to myself what is something that has allowed both male and females alike to be looked at in the same light. What has technology come up with to help combine the two so that both are looked at the same? The answer you ask is simple. TEXTING.

Hiding behind cell phones young men and woman text and send naked pictures of themselves haphazardly like they can not end up in the wrong hands. When actually studies show that 15% of all the pictures sent are seen by others that they were not intended for. But I am not even going to get into who is even looking at the nastyness, yeah that’s right, pure nastyness! Kids these days are too young to be SEXTING anyone!

I believe that kids these days would not normally be so confident of their bodies under normal situations. But when they are alone in the bathrooms, comfortable because they are in their own houses they drop the skirts and lift the shirts easy because they think no one is watching. Its true, believe me, if you think about we were all the same way back in the day. We thought we were smooth behind closed doors. No one could tell us nothing because we postioned our bodies the right way and the camera at that right angle made for an all to perfect picture.

Nonetheless back to my original point. When it comes to both genders appearing the same I feel that with the invention of the cell phone accompanied by the idea of the text message is where it all started. Society looks at woman and men the same when it comes to the picture message. You send me one I send you one is the idealogy right?

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2 Responses to Merged Gender

  1. renatepavusa says:

    This is so true. I remember in high school seeing girls that one week had a boyfriend saying they were going to spend the rest of their lives together and the next week it was on to the next guy with the same type of thinking. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think everyone is the same but this reminds me of a specific girl I knew. We’ll call her Sam, she was popular, pretty, genuine, smart, and athletic. She gave the vibe to be a innocent girl until she started sexting a guy who she thought was going to stay with her forever. She was sadly mistaken because he took the pictures she sent to him and sent them around the entire school school. Situations like this just make me feel sad for who they happen to because I don’t think anyone should be put through that, but then again I don’t think one should send those type of pictures without the slight expectation for something like that to happen.

  2. cwils062 says:

    I do not think that texting and/or sexing has anything to do with men and women being looked at in the same light. Yes middle schoolers and even high schoolers are too young for sexing, maybe older adults, particularly women, have become more comfortable with themselves as they mature. I also feel like if a person is in a monogomous relationship that there is nothing wrong with sexting your mate. However, one should use caution when they are just casually having sex with a person.

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