thought this was interesting- Pleistocene Parks?

So this is more along the lines of Intro to Anthropology but its really interesting and I thought I would share with everybody.

Due to the raging impact of global warming permafrost, which is basically just snow but its dates back to the ice age, is starting to melt in Northeast Siberia. Bones from ancient bison and other animals are starting to surface and methane from melting ice is rising from underneath the surface and into the air. Researchers there have figured out a way to slow down the process. To build a Pleistocene Park! What the hell is a Pleistocene park? By bringing in animals that would have existed around the time of the ice age to compact the permafrost into the ground to keep it cold and to keep it from melting, the researchers have been able to keep that area of the land stable…for the now. They are trying to build Pleistocene parks everywhere in the world however, their resources are limited but they do the best that they can. Its all for science and the animals roam free!!! 

Arctic Siberia holds crucial key to global warming

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