I found this movie trailer by accident and was almost instantly intrigued. Because of the title I could kind of guess what the theme would be however, during the trailer, I really couldn’t tell for sure if Mikael was a little boy or a little girl which confused me. I did figure it out soon enough though. I didn’t have a chance to watch this movie yet but it looks fairly interesting. I’m kind of happy that this is a foreign film because with my previous experience with foreign films they seem to go a little deeper into “taboo” instances. I’d like to see where this film goes into the reactions of the children and the effect on the little girl(or boy however you see it). I was really impressed by this trailer and I have high hopes for this film.

Here is a synopsis from

“A family moves into a new neighborhood, and a 10-year-old named Laure deliberately presents as a boy named Mikhael to the neighborhood children. It is heavily implied that Mikhael is a closeted transgender boy. This film follows his experiences with his newfound friends, his potential love interest, Lisa, his younger sister and his parents. It focuses in on the significance of gender identity in social interaction from an early age, the difficulties of being transgender and young, and how Mikhael navigates these in the background of childhood play and love. Written by amisophe

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3 Responses to Tomboy

  1. Do you think its a more acceptable narrative, socially, to have a girl character wanting to be recognized as a boy? What would this movie be like if the roles were reversed?

    • callyia says:

      I think for some reason it’s easier for people to feel empathy for a girl character. Not that a young boy going through this wouldn’t be just as heartbreaking, but if someone who was very close-minded about this situation happened to see this movie, I think they wouldn’t be as ‘spun out’ about it because girls dressing like boys doesn’t seem to be as ‘out there’ as a boy dressing in girl clothes. I was watching a “What would you do” about a father and son in a store and the young boy was in a dress,
      and for some reason it bothers people. I feel like if the roles were different, it would be less of an emotional abuse movie and more of a physical abuse movie.

  2. Not to be confused with Tomboy (1985). Ha! I love ’80s hair.

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