Transsexual Teacher forced to Resign

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Christina Cracraft was forced to resign her job as a teacher for the Santa Fe, New Mexico School District after it became known that she was a burlesque dancer.  Christina, originally born a man, has undergone all the necessary surgeries to become a woman.  However, Cracraft did not start teaching as a woman, she began teaching as a man.  She said that the school was very supportive of her change and ongoing process of changing genders.  This however, was not the cause of her forced resignation from the school district, it was the fact that she was a brulesque dancer for drag shows throughout the area.  Cracraft goes by the stage name Tabby Shalamar and it a big headliner for various drag competitions throughout the area.  The issue arose when a student told his parents that he had seen his teacher on youtube performing a strip tease.  The concerned parents brought this issue to the school board and the school board put Cracraft on administrative leave until they could figure out how they were going to handle the situation.  After Cracraft was forced to resign, she brought a lawsuit against Santa Fe School Board.  The two parties settled the case outside of court for an undisclosed figure.

The issue here seems to be to what extent are people entitled certain rights of privacy.  While the issue of Cracraft’s gender change was well known throughout the school, and was supported by the school the cause for her dismissal was due to the fact that she was a brulesque dancer.  The issue of privacy is a huge issue in current times and for all people, however, what fails to be adequately defined is what rights to privacy are employees entitled to.

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4 Responses to Transsexual Teacher forced to Resign

  1. mpier023 says:

    I believe that this is an activity that the teacher should have not been fired for because she was a person that was causing no harm outside of the classroom. Some may say that teachers should not do an activity like this, but in reality this an activity that help pay her bills and it is something that is not harmful to society or the school itself. This is something that should be closed off from the public because unless it deals with hurting children or doing drugs I believe this should be kept closed. The school may have said that it was not part of the transsexual, but I believe once parents found out they thought it would hurt their children. This is just a case of peoples ignorance and not being open to certain things and I truly feel sorry for this teacher and hope she can find a teaching job somewhere else.

    • danebohrer says:

      I agree what she was doing was not illegal or harmful to anyone. However instead of addressing the issue of kids having unrestricted access to the Internet they chose to blame the teacher. I feel that she should have not been fired too and the court agreed too

  2. I like how the issue is not that somebody’s kid was watching strip teases on YouTube, but that its the teacher’s fault for being a dancer.

    • danebohrer says:

      The issue arose when a student found it on YouTube but yes it is very odd that no one raised the fact that not only YouTube but the Internet offers a endless amount of questionable content. However that being said people often tend to point the finger and blame at someone else which is exactly what happened here.

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