You do like sex, don’t you?

This commercial originally caught my eye because it featured a lone potentially single woman which isn’t typical. Usually condoms are something that is marketed by men or heterosexual couples. Unfortunately in place of a sex positive woman I see a ditzy blonde rolling around a bed projecting ignorance while demanding sex. The first line which announces that she loves sex but doesn’t like condoms; gives me the impression that if not for this particular brand of condom, she wouldn’t use them. It is that very logic that those who fight to stop the spread of STI/HIV infection hate. She then is allowed to proclaim that Skyn condoms are different from all other condoms yet; she doesn’t know why and doesn’t care to find out. As if the complexity of polyisoprene (non-latex) condoms are beyond her. I find this ironic because later in the ad she confidently spits out a statistic about how many people like these condoms.

There is an argument to be made for the portrayal of women’s sexuality. Women who are comfortable with their sexuality and who are sexually active can make many people uncomfortable. Both men and women often don’t like the idea of women discussing their sex lives. When women are allowed to be half as active and free sexually as men, they are immediately degraded. Often it leads to slut-shaming or slut-bashing of women in general.  One example is the insane amount of slut-shaming and hate Sandra Fluke suffered at the hands of Rush Limbaugh. This commercial makes me cringe like fingernails running down a chalk board but it’s not because there is a woman talking about sex but, because it is degrading to women in a whole new way. This woman is not being a overly promiscuous slut, she is also not an nonsexual virgin, instead she a very sexual idiot who may love sex but still doesn’t seem mature or responsible enough to be having it nor to be recommending condoms.

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  2. cjohn162 says:

    I agree that first statement about how she likes sex, but does not like using condoms was a complete turn off. It just sends off a wrong message from the start. It is already rare to see a woman advertising condoms, so people may already see it as degrading.

  3. lhitt says:

    I think that the sole reasoning for this being degrading to women is that when men see it, they automatically categorize most women in her category – a woman who is highly sexually active – and that’s it. I hate these kinds of ads because they once again make everything to be about sex. Personally, I don’t think that ads for condoms should be aired at all.

    Women are still stuck in this weird phase – we can’t work as hard as men because then we’re seen as a “bitch” and we’re not respected if we have more than a few sexual partners because then we’re seen as “easy” “loose” “slutty” and/or a “whore.” This kind of ad pretty much destroyed any progress that we may have actually made in completely equalizing the image of women as being. . .EQUAL.

    Frankly, women who advertise openly about sex or anything that has to do with sex send a message to men as us being simply put on this earth for one reason and one only. Strip clubs portray this, porn, you name it – it’s all degrading to women. It’s misrepresenting those of us who actually have class, morals, and a beautiful mind.

  4. cjohn162 says:

    Exactly, there are other ways to have sex appeal is than to talk about sex. I also feel like when these commercials are made it is strictly for consumers and profit. These women do not realize when they make these commercials society sees them as a representation of all women even though that may not be the case.

  5. jflosblog says:

    I think that marketing condoms by saying that they feel like your not even wearing a condom points out the common opinion or assumption that sex feels better without a condom. I think that people that usually wear condoms are going to see this and want to experience sex without a condom to see what these commercials are saying and why they are trying to make condoms thinner and more natural feeling. If the condoms don’t meet the expectation of the buyers they are going to try sex without the condom and these commercials could very well increase the rate of unprotected sex because they remind or let people know that sex feels better without a condom and even the condom companies are saying it.

  6. cwils062 says:

    I agree with this logic. Women who are secure in their sexuality are often called loose or sluts; however, our male counterparts are distinguised and “the man”. I thinks this makes people uncomfortable because women are looked at as figures of motherhood, purity, and submissivess.
    These commercials display that women are not ashamed of their sexuality and are now taking responsibility for their pleasure.
    On the downside to this commercial, it does show the ignorance of anyone who is sexually active. This commercial should have shown more education such as that condoms do help protect against preganancies and STDs and should also explain how the condoms feel like nothing is there so that it would encourage people, that even though you may not like condoms, this one is still pleausrable which would encourage condom use.

  7. lloyd says:

    what about the fact that she has a jarring horse face that they insist on zooming in on?

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