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Sexuality in the Workplace: Organizational Control, Sexual harassment, and the Pursuit of Pleasure

Williams, Christine L., Patti A. Giuffre, and Kirsten Dellinger. 1999. “Sexuality in the Workplace: Organizational Control, Sexual  harassment,  and the Pursuit of Pleasure.” Annual Review of Sociology. Vol.25, pp.73‐93.

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Nagel, Joane. 2000. “Ethnicity and Sexuality.”

Nagel, Joane. 2000. “Ethnicity and Sexuality.” Annual Review of Sociology. Vol.26, pp.197-133.

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“Family Values” And Domestic Economy By: Gerald W. Creed LONG BLOG POST

Creed, Gerald W. 2000. “Family Values and Domestic Economies.” Annual Review of Anthropology. Vol.29, pp.329-355.

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Relations Between the Generations in Immigrants Families.

Foner, Nancy and Joanna Dreby. 2011. “Relations Between the Generations in Immigrants Families.” Annual Review of Sociology. Vol.37, pp.545-564.

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Sexuality Studies in Archaeology: Barbara L. Voss

Voss, Barbara L. 2008. “Sexuality Studies in Archaeology.” Annual Review of Anthropology. Vol.37, pp.317-336.

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Sociological Theory of Human Emotions

Jeff Florian Turner, Jonathan H. and Jan E Stets. 2006. “Sociological Theories of Human Emotions.” Annual Review of Sociology. Vol.32, pp.25-52.

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Does Size Really Matter…

Men and Women brains are actually structured differently and in the way they react to events and stimuli. Men’s brains are eleven to twelve percent bigger than women’s brains. The size difference has nothing to do with the intelligence, but … Continue reading

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