Legos for Girls

So while I was sitting down eating lunch, this commercial showed up on the television and I was just surprised about how different they are compared to the male ones, and also how different the commercial is compared to a boy one.

It is interesting to notice how they are to the approach with the girl one is has this cute music to it and the Lego’s are more focused on women activities throughout the day like getting your hair done, decorating the house, going to the cafe and getting cupcakes. The Lego colors are also completely different with the women having more of the pinks, baby blues colors, while the men have those basic colors to the Lego’s. But the interesting part was the commercial like I said before had that cute music to it, but also the female commentator, the colors to it, but the boys Lego commercial has that intense music with the male commentator telling the situation at hand. This is just something that shows how different commercial’s and items can be extremely different when it comes to gender.

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6 Responses to Legos for Girls

  1. cjohn162 says:

    Commercials like these just show how society tries to teach children at a young age what is expected of them as a boy or a girl. In reality forcing a kid to play with certain toys at a young age will not change their preference as they get older. If a girl wants to become a fire fighter she will, and if a boy decides to wear the color pink and go into fashion he will do so.

  2. Mathew says:

    I agree I think even if a girl plays with guys toys or a boy plays with girl toys that does not change who they are. I just wish society would not try to separate what girls and boys are suppose to do and make them into certain molds of what they want.

  3. renatepavusa says:

    I agree whether or not the girl plays with the “girly” lego set when she is young or the “boyish” one I believe she will turn out how she chooses. Especially in society today there are more opportunities to become whatever you choose. It may be of course harder for one gender to achieve those goals than the other, but it is possible.

    • mpier023 says:

      I agree that a person will still come out a girl or a boy even if they still play with the opposite sex toys, but this is society today and for some reason we think that they will not if they play with opposite sex toys. I just wish their were some toys out there that could not be discriminated against by sex, but I do not see that happening

  4. So boys can save the world but girls get their hair done? Great.

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