Open wide!

I was searching around for gender specific article and I came across a very interesting site. , I came to find it very interesting because it shows how different advertisements promote different sexual signs. The focus on the key parts of the body that are seen as sexual. For instance, the two advertisements above, i clicked on the mouth tab and it showed many pictures of women with their mouths either open or tongue sticking out. Now come on who drinks water with their mouth wide open smiling. And who looks that traumatic when their about to eat a burger. The Burger King advertisement I believe is the worst of them all, The woman looks scared , and the add says “It’ll blow your mind away”. I think its horrible how this type of advertising goes on but that’s what sells. sex. This is the type of thing that is promoted everywhere with everything.



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  1. Mary Casteen says:

    Good observation! We talked about this in a women’s study’s class I took last semester. We were focusing on the objectification of women in advertising and how women are often depicted as objects of pleasure. Another thing I’ve noticed recently in ads is how even food has become sexualized, along with a desirous woman. For example, chocolate is often depicted as “naughty” and other foods as “guilty pleasures”, as if indulging in the food is similar to having a one night’s stand.

  2. jbent008 says:

    Advertisers pretty much only want to create commercials now that people will remember and talk about. Sadly the majority of ad’s have to do with sex, and sadly people or more willing to try certain projects and take advantage of my advertisements strictly because they saw a funny commercial for that project. Sex really does sell, and creators of ads and commercials like this feel no need to filter what they put into their ads because of the amount of provocativeness that the majority of prime time television has embedded in it.

  3. dalex019 says:

    I think the first picture is a really good example. I can’t figure out if the sandwich is supposed to represent a gun or a penis but either way it doesn’t make me want to try the product. As for the second picture I don’t see anything wrong with it. To me it doesn’t look reductive it simply looks like she is about to enjoy a bottle of water. I think that there are far too many images in advertising that send negative messages but, when you start looking for these images we get on a slippery slope.

  4. Penises are all over the place. Another one to really watch out for is ejaculation. Once you take the time to look for it, you’ll notice it everywhere in advertising.

  5. awalk029 says:

    I never really looked at it like that but now that I think about it it makes complete sense. They always have some chick getting her face stuffed with something. I cant recall if I ever seen a dude looking like that in a commercial which I do not know if it is a good thing that I never noticed it or just that there is none to be seen. However, I do remember one commercial with this black guy dancing on a table in slow motion recently and I immediately thought he was gay. It was that Jackson Hewitt commercial with all those people dancing in the office overjoyed about their rebates. Hope I did not jump off topic with that one lol

  6. karlishavb says:

    I have never took notice of that. And now because of this post I probably will always notice it. Great post!

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