You’re Only 10!?

For spring break this year I met up with some family in Edisto Island SC.  I was inspired to write this blog post because of my ten year old female cousin, Dallas who was there.  It had been about a year since the last time I had seen her.  This time, it was hard to even recognize her and it looked as if she had aged a whole three years.  I later found out that she had gotten hi-lights and had her uni-brow waxed off (she’s a pretty hairy chick).  She was wearing glitter on her eyes and had red lip gloss on.  The stuff she would say even sounded like she was more grown-up.  I was shocked!  I would never have been allowed to get hi-lights when I was that age, I probably didn’t even want them at that age.  It made me wonder if this is typical with most females my cousin’s age.  Are young females slowly transforming into “women” at younger ages?

Take a look at this video (You might want to mute it if you watch.  I found the music to be pretty annoying).

Whoa check out the girl’s shirt at 1:35.  “A work in progress” written over her breasts, and “good to go” written across the stomach with an arrow pointing down towards her crotch.  This girl looks to be only about 11-13 years old.  Where could a girl buy something like this anyways?

I personally am never around this age group since I live right around the ODU campus.  So after reading the article  The Sexy-Girl Syndrome by Deborah Swaney I learned that this is happening to many young girl, not only Dallas.  She mentions something about the popular Bratz dolls which wear a full face of heavy make-up, skimpy outfits, high heels, and boy Bratz to also play with.  My cousin has a huge collection of these dolls.  I feel that dolls like this do in fact play a major role in why most young females are trying to grow up faster by acting and wearing things that are more mature for the girl’s age.  Besides young girl’s dolls, I feel that their musical icons, such as Miley Cyrus, and TV shows definitely help contribute.  Not to mention older siblings also usually pressure the younger one to be more like them so they can feel more grown up.  When I asked my little cousin why she wanted hi-lights, she answered me by saying that almost all the girls in her class have it done, and her older sister (my cousin who is my age), had recently gotten her hair hi-lighted, and she thought it was pretty.

Here is another video which I thought used very good images to help and express this idea.  Jasmine Man’s poem – “Little Girl” is read in the back ground to show how girls today are affected by the media.  (Just a warning-The Poem is very vulgar)

When will this slow down?  Or will girls just sontinue and be a grown women at a younger and younger age?

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14 Responses to You’re Only 10!?

  1. jbent008 says:

    For the majority of college students and young adults with no children, we rarely have opportunities to interact with younger children, (Not to sound like a pedophile), but when we do sometimes it is so shocking how much different they are now days, than when we were all that age.

    I play rugby for Old Dominion and for the most part, it is not a very courteous friendly sport. Words will be said, fights will happen, and for the majority, everything goes. On my team, there is a player that I have been playing with for nearly three years now. One of my first experiences with this certain players family happened a few years ago. This player is now 21, but then was either 18 or 19, and has a younger brother, who when i first met was only 4. As an 18-19 year old, your vocabulary consists of many words that are not the most polite. With that being said, my teammate has a very disturbing, graphic set of vocabulary. When i first met this kids little brother, he was a little, energetic, well spoken little boy who loved playing sports, never said a foul word, or was confrontational in the least. This past weekend, i say the same little boy again, which now is around 2 years later. I walked up to the little guy to say hello, and as i am saying hello, the little boy turns to his mom, and begins cursing out his mother stating that he didnt want to be here, and that he was “F****n’ hungry and tired of being around all these dirty F**k’s.”

    Hearing these words come out of this little boys mouth completely blew my mind. It really was shocking how much time has gone by since i was young, and how dramatically times have changed. When i was 6 years old I never thought of using that type of language, let alone never would my parents have accepted those choice words from me without a swift backhand to the mouth. In this circumstance this 6 year olds mom, responded to his words, and never reprimanded him.

    To tie these things together, It is absolutely crazy how much young kids have changed, and as middle aged college students, it is hard for us to even realize how much children have changed, because we simply never really interact with them, but at the same time, these kids look up so much too us, that they want to use the words we use, live the lifestyles we live, and do everything we do so much, that they have almost started their own sub-culture of elementary school aged children mimicking college aged adult culture.

    • ashleighvanstraten says:

      thanks for the comment! I agree completely. Young children do look up to older, college aged kids, and do try and live the same lifestyle and even dress and use strong language. I remember looking up to older high school aged kids when i was in elementary school, but i never remember them dressing provocatively or looking like they are fresh out a magazine add. I think that children’s older role models today have began to dress more scandalous which is causing them lose their own self identity.

  2. steph110604 says:

    It is amazing how little girls dress these days. They look like little grown ups. I think it has alot to do with society. Girls can not just go out and buy their own clothes and makeup. Their parents have to have some responsibility. I think some parents think its cute seeing their little daughter dressed up as a mini adult. You look at shows on tv like Toddler and Tiaras and Dance Moms. They are showing way to much skin. Their parents put them in those outfits. What one girl has all the girls want. I have a cousin that is 10 years younger then me. I can’t believe what some of the stuff she was allowed to wear.

    • ashleighvanstraten says:

      I agree, parents must have some responsibility for these mini-grown up girls. It is shocking to me how revealing and suggestive their generation of clothing can be.

  3. jenahmoody says:

    My first thought after reading this was, “I’m so glad I have a little boy.” I really do think little girls are trying to grow up too fast and it is seen as OK not only by the media but even by some parents. I remember growing up, I wasn’t allowed to shave my legs until I was in the 6th grade and I couldn’t wear make-up until high school. My dad would make me wear these bulky shorts under my dresses. It was so embarrassing at the time. But if I wever have a little girl, you can bet that I’ll raise her that way vs. the way the girls in this article are. How is it that the parents of these girls don’t see what kind of jeapardy they’re putting these girls in. Do they not realize how many sick men there are out there oogling their daughters? It’s disturbing to think about.

    • ashleighvanstraten says:

      wow i completely agree with you on this. My parents would never allow me to wear make-up, shave my legs, wear revealing clothing, or dye my hair until i reached an appropriate age to do what i want with my body. I do feel like the parents who are allow their daughter to dress and look like this are putting them in jeopardy.

  4. jraez says:

    I agree with your assessment of the toys. There are many articles you might be interested that state toys are a way of socializing young children. I would be interested in a study that reviewed dolls over generations to see how they changed and how the girls playing with them changed. I don’t think it a new phenomenon for young girls to want to be/act grown up but it is interesting to see which parts of being “grown up” they are choosing to act out. I watched something the other day that said little girls will often imitate their mother’s and older influential women’s self confidence. I wonder if some of the girls are simply imitating and magnifying the self confidence some of these women are projecting around them. The study found that if a mother figure is not happy with her own body, then the young girl will also find those same flaws in her body. Perhaps these girls are just trying to be beautiful/sexy because they think that is the way they are supposed to be.

    • ashleighvanstraten says:

      That would be very interesting to see how these girls dolls have evolved throughout time and how they play with them. Think this would be an awesome research paper for the future! And i do think that the media is supporting the idea that this is how they should look, which is a shame. Without wearing the latest “hip” clothing they could lack self-confidence

  5. tatumk says:

    I think that girls are growing up a lot faster than they use to. I did not do half of the things that young girls are now doing when I was the same age. With all of the new technology young girls have access to much more forms of media than they use to. There are so many types of media out there that influence young girls and a majority of them are not exactly the best influences. The amount of makeup young girls wear nowadays is ridiculous! Young girls are definitely growing up way to fast.

  6. Djhop21 says:

    I definitely believe the people to blame are the parents. The media is basically what puts all of these sexual and grown up images in the kids heads. The parents are to blame because in today’s world the kids have too much freedom over what they do. When I go see rated R movies I see little kids in them and they are exposed to sex, violence, and a lot of profanity. Most of the time the parents are sitting right beside them. Some parents wonder why their daughters are getting pregnant under the age of 18 but then they let them watch shows like “16 and pregnant”. Sure they show a lot of the pain and hardships that these teenage mothers go through but as a kid they are seeing it as a way to get on t.v. Parents need to take back control of their children and stop letting the media raise them, and maybe then we will see a change.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sadly, it probably won’t end. Our culture seems to be getting more decadent as time goes by

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