Not only did I think it was hilarious, but I thought it was genius to combine two groups that are totally opposite with impersonators of an early 90’s female group that had a great one hit wonder!

A few months ago, Chick-fil-A made a negative statement about “hiring homosexual employees and the homosexual community.” Personally, I boycotted those wonderful chicken sandwiches but eventually gave back into temptation. But after watching this video, I don’t care anymore! BECAUSE CHICK-FIL-A IS SOO GOOD! And I’ve realized that I can’t let ignorance and bigotry dictate any part of my life, and neither should anyone else! SOOO i post this video because if you lost in Chick-fil-A at some point because of their conservative values, rejoice in knowing that ITS OK TO STILL LOVE THE SANDWICHES! And if you have NO IDEA what I’m talking about then…ENJOY THE VIDEO! =]



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  1. caleno23 says:

    for some reason it didn’t post the link..BUT HERE IT IS!

  2. Really what isn’t improved by the addition of drag queens?

    What this brings to mind, for me, is whether consumer boycotts are effective anymore. I mean if a corporation boycotts Rush Limbaugh or Don Imus, then it can have an effect. Or maybe if your cause has a celebrity spokesperson. But are a few people deciding not to eat Chik-Fil-A really going to hurt them? Probably not.

    So its heartening to see protest remade as a creative act. The southern queens are taking their chicken sandwiches back in the most fabulous way possible!

  3. lumosliz says:

    I stopped eating Chick-fil-A because of the anti-gay stuff… but honestly, since I’m a vegetarian I hardly eat there anyway. This video is great, though! I just don’t feel like giving in to Chick-fil-A since I don’t agree with that policy. I’m also not a fan of them being so religious and being closed on Sundays, but I guess it doesn’t really matter what I think since my not eating there won’t affect the company. Maybe I’d be nicer if fast food places like Chick-fil-A added more vegetarian-friendly menu items. All I can eat is fries, tots or fruit cups.

  4. allibaker214 says:

    This just keeps popping up in my life recently. Chick fil la has always been my favorite place to eat (fast food wise) but I think I am going to give it up. I can not bring myself to accept that they are so religious and anti-gay, It goes against everything I fight for. I think that though the sandwiches are good I have to look deeper and remember that I can have my money going to a place that funds hatred. I may be one person against thousands of millions of people but in the end I know that i must stand up for my beliefs.

    PS the video is great though

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