The Evolution of MAN….and woman.


As I was stumbling recently, I came across this very interesting image under the category of Evolutionary Anthropology.  In a class that focuses on Gender relations in a cross-cultural perspective I felt that the creator of this image created a very stereotypical and loaded image. 

This photo portrays how Man evolved from a primate, gradually moving from a four-legged being, into the upright man; that hunts and fights, and is interpreted as the same species we are today. The funny stereotypical portion of this photo is the last portion of the evolution of man, and the entire portion of the evolution of women.

In regards to gender role, this photo is full of irony.  Throughout the evolution of man, it portrays man through every portion of its life gaining more and more knowledge of tools and weapons that are vital to survival, relying on the land and their resources to stay alive.  But ironically, the evolutionary cycle turns man back into a primate looking being, relying not on weapons and vital tools to survive, but how man now relies solely on technology, specifically computers to survive, learn, go about every aspect of their life.  As stereotypical as the evolution of man seems, with the final aspect of the evolutionary cycle turning into a technology based society, it is nearly as stereotypical as the female evolutionary cycle shown below.  The Cycle of man, shows that throughout all portions of time, man still showed evidence of gained knowledge, moving from four-legs to two-legs, using tools to hunt and survive, using computers.  This shows that throughout history man showed innovativeness and constantly was working to better hunt and survive.

The most ironic portion of this picture is the evolution of the woman.  This picture portrays women, throughout all of evolutionary history, never evolving from using four-legs to using-two legs, never getting any credit or recognition for the tools and techniques men use.  This picture shows that when people say, “The Evolution of Man”, that strictly, they mean that only men evolved into upright, hard working, educated, intelligent working humans, and left women unaccredited for the technological advancements used by man.  Common stereotypes are that women take care of the family, raise the children, clean the house, and maintain family control, while men; go out, work, provide a paycheck, and attend to all business outside of the house.  This photo portrays the complete stereotype of woman’s role in society.  

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