Male Birth Control

I found this fancy article as i was searching for my short blog article. I’m wondering how many men out there would consider getting this done?

It’s a new birth control procedure that is 100% effective. The procedure takes about 15 minutes and last ten years! YES GUYS 10 YEARS!!! Isn’t that great? That means no potential baby mama drama. On the down side, knowing how over protective men are of their buddies down there, this procedure can only be done by an injection of polymer gel above the mans scrotum. The gel breaks apart sperm and studies over the last 25 years have proven the procedure to be effective. So.. yay or nay?

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7 Responses to Male Birth Control

  1. jflosblog says:

    I would say Nay! Not only am i protective of my “buddies down there” but I also do not like the fact that It prevents having kids for 10 years, I might not know how i will feel about having kids a couple years from now I am likely to change my mind and decide to have kids sooner than i thought. There are a lot of other options to prevent me from having kids, I think that it is easier for me to wear a condom, or my lover to take birth control. A pill seams a lot safer than getting a shot in my pelvis. I think having a kid earlier than planned would be less of a mistake of getting this shot when i should not have.

  2. danebohrer says:

    I would have to say no to this as well. Ten years is a long time to say après doesn’t want kids. There are plenty of other forms of birth control out there that are highly effective and do not last nearly as long.

  3. This would work in a scenario where a couple already had children and knew they didn’t want any more. We’ve got three and that’s enough. I vote yes to injecting polymer gel.

  4. myykallbee says:

    The ten years thing is a little much I would have to agree. Although male birth control is a long time coming…give it a few more years and i guarantee it will be on the market!!!! Will it sell though…thats the question. Its for so long been a female oriented drug, and just as jflos said, men are really big about protecting their manly hood…and the idea of being sterile for many is incredibly unattractive.
    However we DO need alternatives. Females arent the only ones responsible for getting pregnant… but there does need to be something that would sell. Men hate wearing condoms, but they wont take birth control to save some trouble down the road?
    I heard the other day that they are making a male condom (and currently selling it in England i believe) that actually enhances erection and its as restricting, maybe we need those here?

    • rcfalcon says:

      i agree, 10 years is a long time! Like Dr. Thompson said, this is perhaps geared towards couples that already have kids and want no more…but like you said females are not the only ones responsible fore getting pregnant so there need to be other options for male control. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens in the years to come.

  5. myykallbee says:

    **manly hood isnt the right word haha…manhood. woops.

  6. ibens001 says:

    In this case i would have to say yes because there are to many children running around these days without their father meaning no support, no QT time and nothing else so this would be a great idea to all the MEN OUT THERE that don’t want to step up. They want to have the pleasure but don’t want the attachments!!LOL

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