It took me a while but I finally found this video I saw a few weeks ago while watching the Spanish news. It’s a controversial video showing kids no more than 12 dancing to reggeaton very provocatively. After going viral many were left wondering what parents would allow their little girls and boys to dance like this. 

As a Hispanic woman I grew up listening and dancing to salsa, merengue, bachata, and samba. Latin America is very diverse and so is its music. All of the different types of music are meant to be danced by a man and a woman.  The dances are considered to be very sensual, romantic, and meant to be fun. It’s true when they say that Hispanics can’t do anything without listening to music. You shower, clean, cook, and work with music. It’s in our culture and perhaps in our blood to dance, but when do romantic moves turn into provocative movements? Where is the borderline?

It’s obvious by this video that these kids learn by watching, as do all kids. There are grown people in this video dancing along, yet the kids seem to be dancing closer and in a much more flirtatious and seductive way (check out the girl in 3:13). Judging by the kid’s expression I don’t believe they think they’re doing anything out of the ordinary, it’s just dancing to them. As a grown woman I think these kids are doing too much for their age, and what I find outrageous is that the grown ups and even the person filming this video aren’t doing anything to stop them. Call me boring, prude, or overprotective but my kids sure as heck wont be dancing like this!

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8 Responses to Children dancing like adults

  1. callyia says:

    Wow! I agree that an adult should have stepped in and said something to the children, but like you said, they’ve learned from what they’ve seen. I feel that if there’s dancing at a party with children then it shouldn’t be that sensual. There’s a time and place for some dances and, when you’re at a party with only older guests then that sort of dancing isn’t a problem, but when there are children around I think you should dial it down. The adults were doing the same sort of dance right next to children and I think that is the biggest problem. There are other dances that they could be doing that would be better for the children to be around.

  2. agreg019 says:

    Yes I think it is very outrageous that allowing a child so young to dance like this. Children are being exposed to sex way too early and one of the influences is from “gyrating and provocative” type dancing. The adults should be ashamed that they are even condoning this type of behavior, then are the first ones upset when their child is pregnant at the age of 13. At the age of 12 sex was no where on my mind and neither was gyrating. I understand that music is a big part of some people’s cultures, and the dancing that goes along with it is sensual, but she is still a child and should be disciplined that that type of behavior is unacceptable Also, I wouldn’t want a girl that young to be doing that as well because that’s just a green light for some pedophiles being turned on by her being so young and sensual. I hope this video flashes some common sense within other parents heads so they can know that some things just aren’t for kids.

  3. Djhop21 says:

    The children only dance like this because this is what they are seeing. The parents are either dancing like this or they are seeing this in the media. Children should not be even thinking about things of sexual nature like that. When i was a kid all I wanted to do was play video games and sports. Kids today are exposed to too much sexual behavior. Cartoons even reference to sexual behavior nowadays. If we watch our behavior around our children and monitor what they are watching this would not be happening.

  4. I really wasn’t as scandalized by this as ya’ll. So the little girls can shake their hips, big deal. Yes its suggestive but its done in the context of play. When little girls play at being Mommy nobody objects even though we all know where babies come from.

    Besides, children do have sexualities and that’s perfectly normal. I remember being a child and having sexual thoughts, or imagining what sex would be like (it didn’t turn out like I had imagined, but still). I don’t think the dancing has the same sexual meanings to the kids as it does to the adults.

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  6. vduku001 says:

    I really think that it is very sad to see children dancing like this. I do believe that parents needs to step up to protect thier children. Children are the future of society and they needs protection from dancing like this at this early age. I think that we as society needs to do more, it is very devastasting and outrageous to see young children dancing these way. In addition, also think that allowing children to dance this way will influence them to sex and bad behaviors later in life.

  7. efretz90 says:

    Yes, I agree with you Professor Thompson, It didn’t hit me as hard as some of the others seemed to have taken it. And I don’t see as much of a problem with the kids dancing and having fun, which I think is basically going on anyway(harmless fun). Plus when I was that little I didn’t know what this was suggestive of really, and was just trying to duplicate what I saw from the adults, and act how they were acting in the name of laughs and joy.

    Of course in my heart of hearts I see that the parents might have been better role models or simply not have brought their children to this type of party. But then I am reminded of culture, and how different people are from each other and the way they think, and the way they think they should treat their children. Also something that comes to mind is the simple fact that its better to introduce what typically you will be involved with later and teach them the correct way to handle themselves in that situation than hide it from them so they are clueless as what this ritualistic dancing might be, hence the fact that “most white people can’t dance”!!

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