Janet Mock Transgender Advocate

Janet Mock People.com editor is an inspiration to all with her brave decision to come out as a female transgender after hearing about so many LGBTQIA deaths and suicides. As a transgender advocate she has become a voice for so many that may not have a positive support group. Janet gives transgender individuals hope that in this society you can be successful in your career even while choosing to be your self by living your truth.

In her own words Janet states … “I hope that eventually people just see that I’m a woman. When they can see that — but beyond that, when they can just see me as a human being who is living her life, being happy and not causing any harm to anyone else, and is open enough to share her story so that it can help other people –that, I think, is the best part of it.”

A little-known fact about transgender identity… Nearly half of young transgender people have had serious suicidal thoughts, and one-quarter say they have attempted suicide, according to the gay and lesbian advocacy group GLAAD.

Janet Mock in the Seventh grade

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3 Responses to Janet Mock Transgender Advocate

  1. karlishavb says:

    She ir really beautiful. I never would have guessed that she wasn’t born female. I love her story and how she is standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. Great post.

    • Kris Rais says:

      Thank you for commenting. Janet Mock’s story inspired me to post some information since she has led a pretty amazing life. I just think of how brave someone has to be to tell the world something so incredibly personal and private. Otherwise she did not have to and no one would have questioned her.

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