Where Are The Women Of India?

India has a major problem that Americans would think is extreme. Americans deal with child birth all the time and may or may not have abortions. But what if we were aborting babies and killing them based on their sex? In India there is a serious shortage of women and this not because families are having a lot of boys but because a lot of families over there do not want female babies. Female infanticide in India is growing and is hurting the sex diversity of India. The Indians see female babies as an expensive burden because they know they will have to pay dowry for their marriages. Men in India are looked highly upon to carry on the names of families and to have great careers while the women are looked to look after the elders and children.

Abortions are legal in India up to 20 weeks but sex based abortions have been banned and are illegal. There are many medical offices that still allow this to happen. Ultrasounds that were once used for detecting birth defects and sex are being used as a deciding factor in whether the families want to keep their babies or not. As Americans we look upon all child birth as something wonderful not because of the sex that is born but because of the act that is taking place. Also abortions in the U.S are not based on sex but whether a child is wanted and if the female or family can afford the baby (male or female).

The numbers of female infanticide are growing and getting worse. Families are burying live babies and aborting them at dangerously late terms in the pregnancy. Some women even neglect their on health so that the baby may be born unhealthy and die. Husbands are forcing their wives to have multiple abortions , because they want sons and the wives have no say so over their on bodies. The emphasis put on the life of a male child over a females is ridiculous and morally wrong. All life should be appreciated and thought of as a blessing instead of a curse based on which sex you receive. I believe that female infanticide can be reduced and stopped through education and moral teaching.


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4 Responses to Where Are The Women Of India?

  1. rcfalcon says:

    India is going to have major issues in a few years when they see that their population is only made out of men. There will be no women to procreate with and India’s population, economy, and overall society is going to be effected. I can’t say how i feel about abortion, however its very hard for me as a women to understand how females in India choose to have an abortion based on the sex of the baby. As you mentioned, sex based abortion have been banned and are illegal, but its obvious that its not very well implemented if there are still happening.

  2. casom001 says:

    who are we as humans to determine when a child lives or not but unfortunately, that’s the case. People all over the world abort babies due to financial reasons, personal pleasures, fear but i’ve never seen a child being aborted based on his or her gender.It might seem right to the Indian society at the moment but they will pay for the consequences when majority of the country is overpopulated with males. Human reproduction wil decrease due to the lack of females in the society. Aborting female babies is like eradicating the human race because without females, the human race will seize to exist.

  3. nitiapablo says:

    I think it’s very easy for us as Americans to stick our noses up at these people and regard them as savages based on this practice of female infanticide. As blatantly awful as this is to us and as necessary as it is for this to stop, it doesn’t seem to be a problem with an easy solution. Even the families with the financial resources to afford to pay the traditional, although illegal, dowry don’t want girls. Something so deeply rooted in the psyches of much of the population isn’t going to be wiped away simply because Americans and other people from cultures outside of India don’t like it. That’s not to say that those not from India can’t make a difference, but I think it has to start at home. In the long run, I’m interested in seeing how the Indian government, citizens of India, and us outsiders can work together to put a stop to this.

    Also, I know issue isn’t an abortion debate, at least not like the one in America, but no one has abortions for “personal pleasures.” I just really had to say that. Women have abortions because of contraceptive failures, because they can’t financially or emotionally support a child, to protect their own mental and physical health, and other reasons. However, women do not have abortions for shits and giggles.

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