Forced to Marry at the age of FIVE… in the UK

It saddens me to know that a five-year old is forced into an abusive relationship by her own parents whom are supposed to be her protectors. You would expect incidents like these to occur  in third world villages; instead, a large town in north England serves as the location for this senseless act.  The average human will expect a 5 year old to either be playing with toys or causing commotion in a home but that’s not the case for Samina.

Samina’s excitement to celebrate her 5th birthday party came to an end when she reliazed she was being married off. Scared to reveal her real identity, the now adult Samina, told Britain’s Forced Marriage Unit that  her childhood to play and be innocent was stripped from her. Samina states that “I don’t know exactly why I was married off at such a young age, but it was all to do with maintaining traditions and making sure we didn’t question anything.” Samina’s statement concerning her islamic tradition proves that her parents and similar families force young girls into marriages based on misinterpretation of religious beliefs.

Samina narrates the horrific life she was leaving in her premature marriage with her husband. She used to dread evenings when she would have to tearfully face the advances of her husband. Samina felt abandoned and as years went by; the only way to battle her pain and suffering was to clean. Samina explained: “I felt like I’d been bottling up everything. I was scrubbing the house and then scrubbing myself, cleansing myself. I was trying to rub away stains of abuse.”

Britain’s Forced Marriage Unit crakcked down on 1’468 cases regarding forceful marriages; there are still approxmately 6’500 unreported cases.  Research proves that even though most islamic families engage in these types of activities, there is no Islamic jusitifcation for forced marriage. Forcing kids into marriage is wrong and demeaning and i believe people who engage in it should be prosecuted at a court of law.

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3 Responses to Forced to Marry at the age of FIVE… in the UK

  1. ibens001 says:

    I agree there are to many people in this world for a person to be unhappy and why are people still trying to arrange pre marriages God has given every human their own mind so why should they have that taken away for the want of someone else approval thats wrong and them people need to have a change of heart or they will be in hell. Nice Job

  2. nitiapablo says:

    It really is quite shocking to read about something like this happening in England. It’s scary to think that a Western country could let these things fall under the radar. After reading the article, I think Samina is extremely brave to be speaking out about what she went through. The article reveals that Samina won’t continue the tradition of her small Pakistani village as she refused to marry off her own daughter. I think it’s admirable that she’s been able to think about others that may be going through the same things she experienced and how they might benefit from her telling her story.

  3. agreg019 says:

    This is reeally shocking to me that something like this has occurred. Someone so young having to be married just disgusts me. She should have been allowed to enjoy her childhood and when she is older actually find someone to fall in love with and be happily married.

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