Low Income Fathers by Timothy Nelson (Long Blog Post)

Nelson, Timothy J. 2004. “Low Income Fathers.” Annual Review of Sociology. Vol.30, pp.427-

In Low Income Fathers by Timothy Nelson he talks about low income fathers, but he also bring up things about unmarried father and ones that are moving to marriage. But when Nelson talks about low income fathers he says he cannot define a precise boundary, but the categories that he says are excluded are military personal, incarcerated males, and men loosely attached to their individual household. Nelson discusses how that with low-income fathers they may not use protection most of the time when having intercourse, but Nelson was not actually able to find that one connection to link unprotected intercourse to protected intercourse. But Nelson did say that there were men that wanted to have child at a young age. This was surprising considering their income levels and being such a young age. The second thing that Nelson would go into is the involvement low-income fathers have with their children. Resident low-income fathers that are married showed that there are similarities between non-poor father and poor fathers in the way they spend time with each other. Both non-poor fathers and poor fathers spend almost the same amount of time playing outdoors and talking about family, but non-poor fathers spend more time reading and poor fathers spend more time playing board or card games with their children. But one thing a studied showed was that for low-income fathers, their income level actually affected their grades and attitudes, but mainly for boys. For nonresident fathers with low incomes they are more likely to pay the child support if they live near their child and can see them. But Nelson as his studies continued he still explained that the studies were mixed because of the different areas he went to kept always having different results.

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