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No Matter How Dominant Men Are, They Will Always Seek Permission From Their Wife.

Men are assumed to be more dominant than women for many reasons. Some might say they’re just more aggressive, obtain powerful positions in the world, or we just strive to be on top. Men are supposed to wear the pants … Continue reading

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Openning online accounts for classroom activities

In most of your classes here at ODU you’re going to be asked to write essays. This is, generally speaking, a good thing because the more you write the better you get at it. The better writer you are the … Continue reading

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Ironic Masculinities: Driving a Hard Bargain (or not)

This weekend I was watching NFL pre-season, which of course means car commercials. I saw three commercials, two for VW and one for Chevy, that were variations on the same theme. Both play off the cliche of male customers engaged … Continue reading

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Playing with Gender: Rule 63

One of the most fascinating things about pop culture is how fans of a genre make the object of their affection into their own possession. Such acts of “poaching” mass culture and remixing it into your own creation can take … Continue reading

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