No Matter How Dominant Men Are, They Will Always Seek Permission From Their Wife.

Men are assumed to be more dominant than women for many reasons. Some might say they’re just more aggressive, obtain powerful positions in the world, or we just strive to be on top. Men are supposed to wear the pants in the relationship, in other words “takes control of the relationship”. But if a man wants to do something a little more drastic why do they have to consult with their wife first? In many movies we have seen men go to their wife to get permission for something extreme for example ‘The Hangover’.

Right before Stu the dentist leaves to go with his friends to the bachelor party he gets the okay from his wife. They didn’t say if Stu was making more money than her but since he was a dentist it was safe to assume he was. He still had to make sure the wife was okay with it but it’s safe to say if didn’t wear the pants in that relationship. Which brings me to my next example, ‘300’.

In ‘300’ Leonidas was the toughest, scariest man in Spartam he was also king and he wore the pants in the relationship. He earned his position because he was a brave leader who feared no one. But when Leonidas felt disrespected by the messenger he turned back to see if it was okay from his wife to wage war. It seems no matter how high you are or what kind of society men will always seek permission from their wife.

No matter how dominant the men are or who will be wearing the pants in the relationship. The men will always consult things with their wife to make sure it’s okay. I guess you can say men will always be on a long leash held by their wife but if that’s true wouldn’t that mean the wife is actually wearing the pants and the wife is just letting their husbands feel like they are in power? What do you think?


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  1. Kris Rais says:

    I find the relationships that you decided to comment on quite fascinating. In the movie hangover stu’s relationship was unique in a sense that his wife wad portrayed as a bully and he literally feared her. The only thing she could not control was the relationship he had with his friends. He had to ask for permission for anything he did sInce his relationship with unequal and if it was the woman being treated as such would be considered a domestic violence situation.

    Now the next relationship is quite impressive and I would personally categorize It as the epItome of a power couple. Hats off to the film 300 and they’re depiction off Leonitas and his wife (Gorgo). In Spartan society although women we’re not completely equal they were highly respected because they gave birth to Spartan men and care for them. My interpretation of the events before he kicks the messenger into the pit is that the glance back at he is more about having that assurance from her since this one act would change everything. ObvIously she had great responsIbIlty as well when war Is waged. He respected her enough to look back at her and women swooned when the great Spartan king did this. She of course wIth her look and facIal gesture says, You do what you need to do. This of course is the romanticism of everything Hollywood. He is our dream guy.

    In a utopia of sorts both parties in relationships would respect one another and not find it necessary to ask permission but conduct more of a conversation. Less about dominance more about one another’s human rights.

    Men that ask their wives for permission hopefully do so because they respect them and not because they fear some sort of trouble in the relationship.

    Enjoyed this post very much.

    • Jeff Acheampong says:

      You are right about the hangover relationship. She was the one wearing the pants in the relationship so he would have to ask for permission for everything. It was really the 300 that hit me and i just thought id toss in hangover since it was an example even thought not really a good one

  2. Here I would suggest that another kind of template for respect paid to wives is the relationship between a man and his mother. In western cultures a man is always in a respect relationship with his mother, although the degree of this varies. Over time a man’s wife does take on many of the same roles once held by his mother: comforting, nurturing, providing, and yes, setting boundaries.

    So yeah, I can see how you could interpret this as competing for dominance, but in another light you could see it as repeating or re-performing social roles that go back to the original social relationship: mother and child.

  3. mvensland says:

    You make an interesting point in this post. I think this idea of “asking for permission” mostly deals with either the level of respect they have for their women, or because they are hoping to keep problems from happening in the future as a result. In relationships, guys generally do not want to make their partners unhappy based on what they may do (I know this from experience). All it really takes is one small mess up and next thing you know there are a hundred problems sparked up. At the same time, I would hope that most guys repect their girlfriends and don’t try to make it seem like they run 100% of everything.

    • Jeff Acheampong says:

      I actually agree with this. I wouldn’t be able to relate to this situation because i still live with my parents and i just do what i want without permission so when i noticed this i thought it was odd. I do feel like it is the amount of respect they have for their wives that they tell them everything.

      I’m not sure if i will do the same because every week i’m going to be having a DUDES NIGHT OUT event and it would be best if she didn’t know.

  4. efretz90 says:

    I think this principal relates closely to the quote that is along the lines of, “behind every great man, there is a great women”. The wife obviously plays an intricate role in any relationship, and the man understands and respects the wife as well as reveres her to the extent that he will go to her for counsel in many situations. And like in an above blog I also think that it is tied to respect and an adherence to the wives thoughts and feelings, because she will definitely affect the way you feel later! It is a very interesting topic to look at for sure, but I think that when the husband and wife are working together for a common purpose, the result can be very powerful, and smart men know to listen/ask.

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