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What Does “Having It All ” Smell Like

Thinking back on how and why women entered the work force, I immediately thought about the commercial Enjoli. Enjoli was a fragrance created by Revlon in the late 1970’s. The target audience was working women. How funny was it that … Continue reading

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Hair has no Gender?

I was getting my monthly upkeep: hair, nails and wax while discussing my new classes with my hair stylist. I mentioned my Anthropology class and the subject matter…..sexual diversity when a light bulb went off in my head. Hair stylists … Continue reading

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Salads should be pink, burgers should be blue: Gendered food in today’s society

Cars have been gendered.  (Volkswagen Beetle.)  Toys have been gendered.  (Tonka trucks.)  Toiletries have been gendered.  (Dove.)  Food has been gendered?  I noticed this trend one evening while flipping through one of my fashion magazines.  I was then drawn to … Continue reading

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Women’s Studies Works-in-Progress Conference

The Program Director at the ODU Women’s Studies Dept writes: The Women’s Studies Department hosts a Works-in-Progress Conference each year, highlighting the research and activism of ODU faculty, students, staff, and alumni around issues that concern women or gender. This … Continue reading

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