Hair has no Gender?

I was getting my monthly upkeep: hair, nails and wax while discussing my new classes with my hair stylist. I mentioned my Anthropology class and the subject matter…..sexual diversity when a light bulb went off in my head.
Hair stylists are majority female and the males in this work force are far and few between. I personally have never had my hair done by a male stylist so I don’t know if their work ethic or tactics are different from a females but I did a little digging.
I took a random survey, five different salons in the Virginia Beach Area, different companies and in each salon I asked five customers (25 in total) and five hair stylist (25 in total) five questions. Unfortunately there was no male stylist at any of the salons I walked into.
1. Have you ever had your hair cut/styled by a male stylist? 96% said “NO”
2. Would you recommend a Male stylist to friends and family? Of the 4% who have had male stylist ½ said “NO”. Reason for the “NO” answer, all said Men don’t know women’s hair.
3. If a male stylist says, “you look great” do you believe him? Of the 4% who have had male stylist half said “YES”. Whether the male stylist was gay or straight all women said that a man knows what a woman’s hair should look like or gay men know fashion and hair.
4. If a female stylist says, “you look great” do you believe her? Of the 96%, 9% said “NO” and made the female stylist redo whatever they thought was not satisfactory. All other agreed.
5. Who do you prefer to cut/style your hair? 98% prefer “FEMALE” and 2% prefer “MALE”
My survey was just something I did for fun; by no means was I out to offend Male Stylist in anyway. Some of the great stylists in Hollywood are men.


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  1. Cris Rais says:

    I have had several male stylists and the reason I moved on was because of lack of imagination. They played it to safe where a women would be willing to go edgier. Just my experience….I would still client a male stylist in the future.

  2. izzo1309 says:

    I actually looked for a male stylist for my survey to get his opinion but could find one in the area of Virginia Beach I was in. I’m still curious. I want to experience a male stylist doing my hair to find out for myself if there really is any difference. Thanks for the comment!!!

  3. Becky Martin says:

    I have been using a male stylist for a few years now. He’s also the owner of the salon. I favor him much more than any of the female stylists I’ve cliented in the past. I find that though he may not be as creative, he is much more of a perfectionist, which is fantastic.

    • izzo1309 says:

      Like I said in my last comment…..I would love to have a male stylist do my hair just haven’t found one. Thanks for the comment

      • Becky Martin says:

        I go to Tom at Bombshells in Harbour View… when you’re willing to shell out a few extra bucks (cause they’re a tad bit pricey), you should try him so you can see what you think! :) Then, you’ll finally know whether you prefer a male or a female stylist!

  4. I’m no expert on hair by any means. I don’t even own a hair brush! Typically I get my hair cut at Supercuts and the stylist is whoever is on duty. I don’t care.

    On the occasions I have had my hair cut by a man it has been at a legit Black barber shop where the clientele is all male and predominantly non-White. The last one I patronized on a regular basis was in Chapel Hill and I liked going there because my regular guy was really good with curly hair. Also it was very interesting to me, as an anthropologist, to be in that sort of hyper-masculinized space.

    Recently I noticed that in my neighborhood in Newport News, or nearby, there appears to be a Black barber shop that just opened – Da Spot. I feel like I should go check them out and support local business, you know. It’s not like I’m that attached to Supercuts.

    • izzo1309 says:

      This is great….a male point of view from the chair. I can totally understand going to a specialist [hair stylist] when you have a certain type of hair. I would think you/men would like to be in an atmosphere where they can be comfortable when getting your/their monthly upkeep especially when you have built a customer/stylist relationship. As for me, I too like to support local business and keep my money in the area….thanks for the comment!!

  5. dwesh says:

    I prefer a female I guess because I am a female and believe that they know more about hair and hairstyles then male. I believe that females have that certain relationship with one another and having a male do your hair would seem a bit awkward and uneasy.

  6. relmo003 says:

    i do prefer a woman to do my hair, because i feel like they understand more, they know what looks good and what doesn’t. women understand how to work with the hair, and they dont pump out the same hairstyle all the time. but its funny that most males in the hair industry are homosexuals. but then i think about the upkeep of my nails and how there are lots of men that do nails, and do them well, but are not homosexual. i don’t know its interesting, maybe it has to do with the demographic of people that generally do nails, i don’t know just a thought..

  7. mvensland says:

    Not that I go to a hair stylist and get my hair done, but i think your post brings up a lot of points. I will link it to one of the other student’s posts that explains how the “rap game” is dominated by males. The reasoning i used to support that post was that rap was built around concepts held by males, not so much females. This is similar in that this kind of work was developed around female held values, so there are likely to be less males in this industry, much like there are less females in the rap industry. Males and females may be just as good as each other at rapping or styling hair, but that wont change the fact the the industry was built around certain ideas held by specific genders.

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