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Greatest Hits – Fall 2012

Well here we are at the half way point in the semester and it’s time to take stock of what we’ve accomplished in the seven weeks we’ve been together. Our class went from one where only a few individuals were … Continue reading

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What are TV shows coming to..

Today’s new channels are filled with reports of crime, death, war, success stories, and new of everyday information. I watch the news in the mornings and then sometimes at night to see what is going on and what I have … Continue reading

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Tattooed More than Dudes

When thinking of tattoos one may think of an inked up, hardcore biker or criminal with sleeves on both arms and enormous chest and neck pieces.  Or thoughts of guys sitting around in a tattoo shop tattooing each other may … Continue reading

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“I can do anything better than you”

There has always been a struggle for women’s sports to compete with mens sports. Be it the fact that the WNBA has horrible ratings compared to the all male NBA, or the WPGA which is for all women golfers rather … Continue reading

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No one wants to talk about this, but…

There is a certain regression going on in women’s rights that should not even be an issue in the 21st century. But this isn’t about what my views or your views are, this is about choice slowly but surely being … Continue reading

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Is It A Boy Or A Girl? And Does It Even Matter?

According to many reports the new trend in raising a child is to raise them without a gender. A “genderless” person, you say? What does that even mean? Is it an “it”? What do we refer “it” as? Those are … Continue reading

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The Doghouse

Whenever men have done something throughout history to upset their girlfriends or wives, we sometimes refer to him as being in the doghouse. Ladies, if you are in a relationship you can relate. If an average person were to hear … Continue reading

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The pressure of beauty

From a young age being a woman is linked to being “beautiful”, now what is beauty… and is it even worth the waste of time, energy, happiness, and life…(I mean this video makes me sick thinking my little girl one … Continue reading

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Title 9: Equality in Sports for Males and Females Continue reading

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NFL – Just for Men?

The National Football League is a male dominant sport with everything from players to coaches being men.  With the size and athleticism of the players being thrown around on the field, it would only make sense that men are out … Continue reading

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