First of many? Nepal has started a Revolution!!

In 2011, the country of Nepal conducted a census just as many countries do throughout the world. This census however was very different, the section pertaining to gender now contain a third gender. Those who felt as if they were not classified as male or female, (transgender), could now identify themselves in this third category. This third gender is mainly transgender people, but some homosexual people are also included. I believe that this makes their census data more accurate because it caters to groups of people who would have otherwise completely disregarded the census.  

Nepal may be the first country to nationally recognize a third gender category, but they will without a doubt not be the last. In the next decade I believe that more countries will follow suit. Especially now that there is something that they can observe and use as a reference.

Imagine if this were to take place here in the USA. It would change so many things. Statistics and studies that have been the foundations for theories across the social sciences would all be different. It would also promote a feeling of equality. In todays day and age people are different and the census needs to be updated……..

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4 Responses to First of many? Nepal has started a Revolution!!

  1. This is another really interesting development in the transgender community, which seems to be having something of a moment of public visibility after years of being in the shadows of the gay rights movement. Not only have we had the transgender Miss Canada going in the final rounds of the Miss Universe pageant, but there has been the little boy who wanted to join the Girl Scouts and now official census recognition in Nepal. It will be interesting to see if this spreads into other nearby nations with long-lasting third gender traditions like Thailand.

    I don’t see this becoming a part of our census forms (which I delivered door-to-door in 2000 and 2010) because it seems like transgender in US culture is different than “third gender”. I think its more common for people to switch genders – to go from identifying as male to identifying as female, for example – rather than to claim to occupy gender that is neither male nor female. I could be mistaken on this point, however.

  2. Ian Isdanavage says:

    Only time will tell! I believe that this will spread more in the asian and south america countries faster then it will in Europe and the United States.

  3. hallokeri says:

    I think it’s great that Nepal has come up with this census. Unfortunately I don’t think this would come to the U.S. for a while, but I do think it could go to Europe sooner rather than later.

  4. Ian Isdanavage says:

    I agree completely. The average amount of transgender/transexual people per 100,000 in the asian countries out numbers everywhere in the world, except certain parts of South America.

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