Bachelor vs. Bachelorette Parties

ImageImageMy fiance and I, both were recently invited to join our friends for their bachelor and bachelorette parties.  The couple got engaged over a year ago, shortly after the engagement she found out that she was pregnant. No worries, healthy baby arrived and parties went on as scheduled.

Everyone knows the traditional types of bachelor parties (a bunch of dudes getting together, getting crazy, probably some strippers) and then the bachelorette party (a bunch of ladies getting dressed up usually in black or pink, plastic penis decorations or anything to draw attention).  Typical movies come to mind when someone says bachelor party, of course, The Hangover.  “The ultimate bachelor party!”  A bunch of guys going to Vegas getting crazy and not remembering anything.  Not nearly as popular, but still very funny, Bridesmaids, a movie from the female point of view about the journey from engagement to the actual wedding.  

There are huge gender differences between both types of parties.  The bachelorette party is all about making the bride feel very special; lots of love and emotions involved.  The bachelor party is all about celebrating the last hurrah before marriage; getting drunk and telling stories.

So like I said, the bride just had a baby boy at the end of August.  But, she still wanted to go to Key West and enjoy the weekend.  We all had a blast but it was so different then what the guys experienced.    First thing, it was very emotional, we all were happy and at different points in time we all cried (yes, there was lots of alcohol involved, which contributed to the emotional roller coaster).  There was lots of talk about our children (three out of four women had children) and all of us have significant others.  The soon to be bride, new mom, who is breastfeeding had to express her breast every several hours.  Something none of us thought about beforehand.  We tried to make her feel very special.  The theme for the weekend was “going overboard for Chelsea,” the first night out we wore lifejackets that had different saying on them, like “rescue me, getting married,” “walking the plank.”  The jackets also had several different sizes and shaped penises.  The whole idea was to gain attention and make her feel special as we went from bar to bar. The second night, we all dressed up and the future bride wore a sash and tiara.  That night we went out to dinner and then to a Drag Queen show!  We all had a blast, but were all super ready to get back home to our babies the next day.  I cannot even tell you the amount of times we all asked each other “are you ok?”  “how do you feel?” “is everything ok?”  Like I said it was very emotional and we were all very concerned with one another.

Of course the guys had a great time too, they went down to the Outer Banks and did a deep sea fishing trip (their trip was two weeks before ours, because like I said most of us have children to take care of). Im pretty sure they did without the stripper, at least there is no evidence of one!  But there was no crying, there was no trying to gain attention when going out, there was no long and multiple conversations about the children. There definitely wasn’t the need to have some personal time to express breast milk every several hours.

I asked my fiance “what did you guys talk about?”  He was like “oh he told us the story of how they met.”  And Im thinking, we all heard that story and every detail right after it happened.  


However, one thing I find pretty funny was that when the guys were gone, the future bride never called her fiance for the whole two days.  However, when we were gone he called at least five times, then again he was by himself with the baby!

This just highlights some of the gender differences.  Of course there will be more to come as the couple takes the journey into marriage!  It will be an extremely beautiful wedding.  I cannot wait to experience and share more love with this wonderful family!





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