Title 9: Equality in Sports for Males and Females

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While watching TV a commercial came on to advertise the importance to keep young individuals invoved in sports.  The commercial was geared more towards women but I modified the topic and believe the importance for males and females to stay involved in sports.  The commercial discusses the percentage of of youths at 14 years old see a change in who still is involved in sports.  According to the commercial more women tend to quit sports than men.  The argument they use is the image society puts on females.  Females are suppose to act, speak, dress and behave in a certain manner because that is the way society sees them.  Propaganda used by movies, TV commercials, magazines and the way celebrities look and act tend to change the minds of young teenagers and convince them that this is the way they are suppose to be.  Growing up in athletics I think it is very important for children and teenagers to be exposed to sports.  It builds character, strong friendships, sportsman ship, teaches you how to be a part of a team and teaches you life lessons that prepare you for life.


The video also mentions the term article 9.  Article 9 deals with the equality of sports.  This makes all sports sponsered in schools open to all sexes and races.  It also makes schools provide the equal amount of sports for both males and females.  This means that if you can fill a boys lacrosse team but you cannot buid a girls lacrosse team then the school is not allowed to have either.  I have my disagreements when it comes to article 9.  Yes, I do believe it is important to allow equal opportunity to both sexes but I also think article 9 takes away opportunities for athletes (this includes both males and females).  By not allowing a sports team to be made article 9 is taking away the opportunity to allow kids to be active and make the right decisions.  By not allowing the formation of a male team or a female team it is making it unfair to that particular sex just because the other cannot be formed.


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  1. You say that Title 9 takes away the opportunities for athletes like it is the one making the decision when in reality if a school is barred from having a men’s team because it hasn’t also committed to forming a women’s team then actually it’s the school’s fault not Title 9. It’s school administrators that are the decision makers, Title 9 just sets the rules that they have to follow and schools make their choices accordingly. That’s my 2 cents.

    • Dr. Thompson, this is true and I agree with you however, the point I was trying to make is Title 9 puts restrictions on the formation of either male or female sports. If there is more interest in one sex to from a sport but not enough in the other to form the same sport for that sex then the school cannot allow the one to form. In my opinion Title 9 puts these restrictions on the schools not allowing them to support the formation of some sports.

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