Can we Both Wear Skinny Jeans ??


 Skinny Jeans

Fashion has always seem to amaze me. Clothes are simply not just clothes, people judge other people on the way they dress. Society for the most part believes clothes represent the personality of the individual. If a person is seen wearing expensive name brand clothing routinely, one may think the person is well off, and braggadocios. When we think of homeless people we think most of them wear dirty dingy looking clothes with holes in them. When we think of somebody in power, such as a CEO , or congressman, we think of a man in a nice suit and tie. But what makes certain clothing manly and other clothing feminine? For some females growing up was hard, because they went through a town boy phase where they wore clothes that were gender neutral, and not generally ladylike.They might have been questioned about their sexual preference, or asked “hey why you dress like a dude all the time”. Same goes to grown woman if she wears gender neutral clothing on a consistent basis, and asks aggressively, one may think she is lesbian, when she can be totally heterosexual. Most boys growing up didn’t have the luxury of wearing clothes that were not seen as completely boyish, or act in ways a lady would act. If a man today comes off the least bit feminine through his clothing, one may question his true sexuality,or even worse his masculinity.The reason I bring this topic up is because of the ideal of skinny jeans. I personally wear skinny jeans(granted not skin tight), and for the longest time it was common conception that tight jeans were reserved for ladies only. Still today, many men and women believes this to be true, but skinny jeans are less taboo now than ever before, but so is acceptance of homosexuality. Is there a correlation ? I don’t know. But, I do know  articles of clothing a man or woman decides to wear does not determine how “female”  the lady is or how “male” the man is.  So I ask you the reader do you think a man wearing skinny jeans makes him any less manlier than a man that doesn’t ?


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11 Responses to Can we Both Wear Skinny Jeans ??

  1. dwesh says:

    I think skinny jeans should only be worn by females I hate the fact that a lot of guys wear it because it is such a feminine trait to me and for a grown women to wear really really skinny jeans is just absurd and wrong.

  2. michalchavis says:

    I love a man in fitted jeans but skinny is a different story. If they are too tight (like in the video) a lot of girls I know will assume that guy is either gay or has a small ‘package’. On the other hand, a guy in baggy jeans comes off as sloppy and unkept. A happy medium is what most girls are into these days.

  3. theyoungleo says:

    @dwesh- I appreciate your comment and point of view. But what made us believe that skinny jeans are reserved for only women. Is it because we are so accustomed to see it wore by predominantly women, such as heels and skirts ? Or is it just flat out girly ?

  4. theyoungleo says:

    @Michal Chavis- First and foremost thank you for your insights, they were helpful. But i still find it odd that tight jeans are discouraged today, when in fact guys wore super tight jeans in the 80s and it was widely accepted, ( Fashion is a cycle so I do see the acceptance of tight jeans gaining with each year. I’m just wondering what shaped people to believe tightly fitted jeans made a man less masculine. Is it because our culture told us so, or is it truly a style that should be left for women.

  5. michalchavis says:

    Fashion is definitey a cycle. Even women these days are duplicating 80’s fashion. I believe society has led us to believe that skin tight jeans are solely for women. However, you have hip-hop artists that were once ‘gangsters’ now wearing jeans so tight that they look like leggings, so there is a mix of both I believe.

  6. theyoungleo says:

    I totally agree with you ! Fashion is a cycle , and our culture through media and other sorts has convinced us that skin tight jeans are only for women.

  7. nharr031 says:

    To elaborate on this conversation, I think skinny jeans on guys is more for the younger crowd, meaning teens boys and young men. I rarely see men in the 30’s wearing this style. So I would have to say it’s an age-specific fashion trend not necessarily a female only style . Also, younger men tend to do as they see on tv and this is whats cool now.

  8. Jeff Acheampong says:

    They really need to leave skinny jeans to the women. It looks like dudes be suffocating when they walk around in them. It hurts me just watching them walk around in them

  9. insuru says:

    I dont like men in skinny jeans, but it so so much better than seeing men in jeans sagging down to their kness showing their boxers!

  10. I really do feel like this is about competing definitions of masculinity and what a man can be. There are many ways to be a man, but in some places, times, and social circles the definition of manliness is very narrow; and anything that falls outside of that is deemed inferior and thus is associated with women. I call this femmephobia and I’m tagging this post as such.

    What’s really amazing is when it appears in the gay community. You have gay men who cling to this hypermasculinized presentation of self and look down upon gay men who are effeminate. You would think that’s crazy and self-destructive (and it is) but it quite common. It’s really a symptom of living in a society that values the lives of men over the lives of women that whenever a man takes up anything associated with women this is constructed as a “loss”, as if he were now “less of a man” than before.

    I don’t know if that makes sense. I have trouble explaining this concept to people, but I do think its real.

  11. aleex032 says:

    Personally I would never wear skinny jeans for the fact that its feminine it’s in and out of fashion like men wearing pink. I’ve seen both sexes wearing skinny jeans and men sag them and it looks like they shit on themselves; not cool.

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