Is Pink the New Blue?


 For generations society has led us to believe the pink represents a color for girls and blue a color for boys. Each color often representing a color scheme located in ones room or closet. While studies have shown that girls usually tend to prefer the color pink and boys tend to prefer the color blue, is the switch of preferences slowly in our midst? A 6 year old told Good Morning America recently that “he has no problem with pink”. In fact, he owns a few pink shirts himself. With shirts with slogans “Real men wear pink” and pink colored and button up shirts becoming mass produced, it seems as though a color that was one labeled as “girly” is now becoming more acceptable for the opposite sex.

 The separation between to the two genders divided by color dates back to the 1930’s. However during this time, the colors were reversed. Women who would wear pink were often considered to be “butch” and manly. During these times, pink was an offset of red which was world renown to be a color of masculinity. So when a woman was seen wearing these colors, she was often looked at in a different domineer. Blue was often worn by women because it was a serene and calming color, unlike the offset of red.

 In today’s society many gender assumptions are run off of stereotypes. Men who are homosexual wear pink. However with shirts such as “only real men wear pink” being sold in the clothing market, it seems as though this stereotype is beginning to change and the acceptance of a masculine pink is coming into order. According to an article published in the BBC, in many areas in Britain, pink for men is becoming more of the norm for work wear; many of which wearing pink shirts and ties. Changes such as these show that pink is not just about femininity but rather is just a color. Woman who wear blue often nowadays, do not see a much criticism for their color of choice so why should men be treated with a different standard?

 In my belief, color is color and those who chose to wear pink should not be judged based on a preference as minor as a color.

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9 Responses to Is Pink the New Blue?

  1. Becky Martin says:

    Personally, I love when men wear pink! I actually tried to get my husband to get a pink shirt, but he wasn’t having it! I think that men can feel so awkward wearing “feminine colors” due to the fact that we live in a male dominated society and men don’t want to “sink to the level of women”. I don’t feel this way, but I think many people may… unfortunately…

  2. nharr031 says:

    Even though pink is considered a feminine color, these men in the pics seems to look the complete opposite. In fact, they look very elegant and rich. Well dress men I’d say. Like Becky said men may feel awkward but they look confident and pink has been worn for a few years by men and fashion constantly evolves that it has grown quite comfortable to them.

  3. Jeff Acheampong says:

    Awhhh Helll Nawhhhhhh

  4. I’ve noticed this too and like Jeff (above) I don’t see myself as participating in this trend. What I want to know is why is pink for men coming back? Is it just because fashion is cyclical and nothing is more in-style than what’s out? Is it evidence of some deeper political or cultural change? Is this a flash in the pan like popped collars? What’s going on here?

    • Becky Martin says:

      You mentioned how fashion is cyclical… James Laver, in 1937, actually created ‘Laver’s Law’ to describe fashion trends. Based on his observations, a trend is considered ‘charming’ 70 years after its time, which provides a good explanation if it was common for men to wear pink in the 30s!!

  5. thesinglegreenlight says:

    This is very interesting to think about how pink is supposed to be a girl’s color, but these men make it look so good! I think that over the past few years pink has definitely become more of a socially acceptable color for men to wear, and I am perfectly fine with that. I don’t mind it, especially if you can pull it off. REAL MEN WEAR PINK!

  6. Chelsie Hendrickson says:

    I think wearing the color pink is all of personal choice. There were many men who admitted that there would wear a pink button up, however would not buy a pink shirt for their child in fear of dumping them into a stereotype amongst the younger generation. Many articles seem to think that it is a phase that is going to pass, while others seem to think that with the rising popularity of the color with big brands such as Polo and J. Crew that this fade is here to stay.

  7. rahat says:

    I agree color is color. Color shouldn’t be associated with genders. If a certain color shirt makes you feel good, wear it. I myself own two pink shirts and I wear it regularly. I’ve had two of my friends ridicule me for wearing pink. So I unfriended them…..ok not really. I simply explained that I like wearing pink and that I see it as a color not a label. I’ve had others say that pink looks good on me. But at the end of the day pink is just a color.

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