Mad Men

In the past year, I have become an avid viewer of AMC’s Mad Men. Mad Men is set back in the 1960’s and follows the lives of several people who work at an advertising firm in New York. Needless to say, I have also become quite the advertising buff as well.  Watching this show has caused me to watch commercials in a completely different way. I don’t even fast-forward through the commercials when I have a show or movie recorded on my DVR. It doesn’t take a marketing major to notice the not-so-subtle “subtleties” in advertisement. It can be pretty obvious what type of person each commercial is directed towards.

I am also an avid sports fan which translates into numerous hours a day spent watching ESPN. It is no secret that the majority of ESPN’s viewers are male, so commercials are blatantly directed towards men. Recollecting back to my early days as a Sports Center enthusiast, I remember the commercial for Miller lite which displayed two beautiful women arguing as to why they believed Miller lite was the best brew. As the argument between two women escalated, there was a conveniently located fountain just yards away where the fight could move to. They eventually became soaking wet as they ripped off each clothes as they each argued whether or not Miller lite was the preferred beer because it was “less filling”  or because of its “great taste.



Half-naked women are regularly seen in beer advertisements.

Then of course you have the AXE commercials that plagued the airways just a few short years ago. I will admit, as a freshman in high school, i was lured into the trap and regularly wore AXE. Unfortunately, I was never tackled nor stalked by a single woman during those time. However I was frequently told that I did not “skip on the cologne” that morning.


Moral of the story is that if you want to sell something to a man, half-naked women is a good place to start.

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  1. I liked that you explained that Mad Men has inspired you to view commercials differently, you might get a kick out of the website Ad Freak.

    I’m wondering what exactly you learned from Mad Men, did the behind the scenes perspective teach you anything besides sex sells? That’s kind of obvious. What’s going on in these commercials you’ve selected besides skinny women in their panties?

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