Sorry Guys, but Women can Fight Too

MMA and Martial Arts has been taking a rise in the world recently. There is no doubt that sports related to fighting are male dominated. Why is it that you will find sports that are almost completely dominated by one gender? The answer to this question has to do with the social norms passed down among males and females. Part of the reason I believe this is because I had competed in Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and other forms of fighting for 8 years and have seen women who were just as good as men at fighting in sports such as these. I personally believe that women have a place in contact sports simply because I have seen no evidence in support of “men are just better at contact sports than women.” I have seen men get their asses kicked by females and I would be lying if I said I hadn’t been caught by some big hits from them also. All that being said however, it does appear that women are starting to make headlines and get a foothold in the sport which can be promising for the future.

Here is a video of Ronda Rousey supporting my case. 8 years of experience and I don’t believe I would want to step in the cage with her to fight.

So, back to the question, “why do women not come to mind when most people think of fighting”? It seems a bit circular in logic, but we don’t think of women when we hear “fighting” because we were brought up to think of other things when it comes up. When most people think of fighting, in a physical sense, it has to do with one person beating down another by whatever means. Traditionally, women are not as encouraged to join certain contact sports due to what other people may think about them. Some may argue that most women in sports like MMA generally are ugly, look like men, lesbian, and hold certain male values. I can’t put too much on the male values or lesbian part, other than, I have known many straight, girly girls who were also good fighters (I have also seen some women that I had a hard time telling they were in fact female, so it does happen). But generalizing women as ugly in MMA?… I don’t think so. With that, I say, please watch the following…

Now that that nonsense has been dismissed, and, a blog has arguably more to do with the readers than the writer, ask yourself and comment on the following.

  • Should women have more involvement in contact sports such as MMA?
  • What are some other reasons women may not be as involved as men in contact sports (in a sociological sense)?
  • Do you think that women can be just as good as men in any given sport?
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5 Responses to Sorry Guys, but Women can Fight Too

  1. dwesh says:

    Yes women are just as good as any man in any given sport I hate how society mainly percieves women as shy and warming and caring etc etc many women are total badasses. I believe that women dont play as many rough sports because they dont want to overstep the boundaries of their gender norms they are to afraid of what society would think of them if they had a 6 pact or were really masculine.

    • mvensland says:

      Agreed. I think once things like this become more widely accepted, there will be a significant increase in the amount of women in the given industry. There are a lot of jobs nowadays that had no females in them 20 years ago, but now have a high population of woman. And, for the most part, they are thought of as equal.

  2. jw320 says:

    Women aren’t at the same level men are in MMA yet, mainly because of lack of promotional support and there are not enough women fighting yet. If you like watching Ronda fight, check out Megumi Fujii

    • mvensland says:

      Right, they’re not as the same level as far as promotion goes, but they are can be just as good as a fighter as far as technique goes. I’m not saying you could put the best female fighter against the best male fighter and she would win, but women can hit just as hard and fast as men pound for pound. There are still physical boundaries separating them but I don’t judge fighters based on if they can win or not, but how technical and talented they are.

  3. I don’t think it should matter what a female athlete looks like. Women shouldn’t have to justify their existence based on their attractiveness. The most important thing in MMA competition is how they perform in the ring. I mean can you imagine busting your ass in the gym all day and then having to pose in cheesecake shots like in the second video? It’s not enough to be a world class athlete, you have to be a world class athlete who is hot. It adds an extra standard that women are judged against but which is not relevant for male athletes. To me it really exemplifies how women actually have to be better than men in order to be considered their equals.

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