What consists of a bad driver? Who is the worst, Males or Females?

I find it interesting, that car insurance policies charge less to females than they do males because statistics show that females are less accident prone than males.  According to, The Institute of Highway Safety, males are more prone to getting speeding tickets, reckless driving, DUI, and stop sign violations rather than females because of their young age.   To me, that is looking at it at a more technical by the book aspect, but does that really consist as being a bad driver.   I have received a speeding ticket before, and a rolling stop violation as well, that does not mean I am a bad driver.  It just means I need to follow traffic signals better.  What makes someone a bad driver to me, is someone who gets distracted while they are driving because of doing something like texting, putting on make up, or reading a book.  I understand that males do text and read books while driving too, but for the most part I always see a female doing something that distracts them from paying attention to the road.  In addition,  I have observed many females who cut someone off on the road trying to switch lanes, and put their signal on after they have already crossed lanes.  For one, my girlfriend is notorious for cutting people off, and shrugs it off like she did nothing wrong.  I think that you at least to have to look and see if the way is clear, not just signal and turn right away.  However, not only have I seen horrible driving from both genders.  Is it me or do females have the most problems with parallel parking, or even parking in a simple parking spot.  A mayor in a small town called Triberg, Germany believes that women need help with parking in small spaces.  

Don’t get mad at me yet ladies, I still haven’t begun to talk about male bad driving behaviors.  Even though males seem to be all high and mighty at what they do.  There are plenty of males out there who are just as bad of drivers just like some females. It is just society, who decides what kind of bad drivers there are.  For instance, since males are more risk takers, then they have a tendency to go fast and not obey the law.  According to, the Institute of Highway Safety, males are 50% more likely to violate laws, and are more likely to be killed in a crash than women.  This is due to taking more chances and risk than women do.  Lets face the news people, everyone is a bad driver in someway.  It is what people consider what a bad driver entails, and how they interpret what makes a bad driver.  To me, when you are trying to multi-task, going slow in a fast lane, and taking 20 minutes to park at an empty lot makes someone a bad driver in my mind.  There are many more other things I look at to consider in judging if someone is a bad driver or not.  Statistically, the ladies have us beat as far as being better drivers, but numbers don’t always tell the truth.  Sometimes people need to see with their own eyes and judge for themselves.  Although,  the ladies beat us gentlemen, we drive 60% more than females, and females accident rate went up 14% compared to 11% males from 1975-2003.  Men, actually decreased their rate during those year.  I am going to leave the judging up to the people on how to consider someone on being a bad driver.


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5 Responses to What consists of a bad driver? Who is the worst, Males or Females?

  1. dwesh says:

    Males are risk takers so I can kind of see how they would be more likely to get in an accident or get into trouble with the law although women arent angels either i have witnessed many females text a lot while driving or looking in the mirror and doing their makeup or their hair. I believe that peoples actions are the main indicators not it being based on their gender.

  2. Oh man, I was blown away by the town in Germany with gender segregated parking spaces! The mayor’s actions which mark off gendered space in the guise of doing women a favor or honoring them, is really condescending. This is quite typical of male behavior towards women, where he thinks he’s doing the right thing but in so doing actually makes matters worse.

  3. leylinesproject says:

    Interesting article, I once read on reddit (so take it with a grain of salt) that women frequently get in more accidents than men. However, women’s accidents tend to be smaller accidents at low speed whereas men tend to get into big accidents at high speeds. Meaning of course, men get in more expensive accidents even if at a less frequent intervals than female accidents.

  4. andersonk1 says:

    I believe that the insurance hike on men is a flaw. Yes, statistics do show that men are more likely get to into trouble while driving, although this is due to many different factors that people do not think about. Police officers are more lenient to female drivers than male, and this in turn helps to keep them out of law trouble on the roads. Yes, female drivers are less to insure than male drivers, this does not prove that they are the bad driver of the two.

  5. ace1388 says:

    @dwesh. I totally agree with you that males do take more risks, and females get a little more slack because of their gender rather than actions. It would hard to collect statistics on peoples actions rather than their genders, so I think thats why insurance companies just base it of gender.

    @ProfThompson. I think what the mayor did was more sexist rather than helping females out in Germany. He probably hurt his vote for next election because of that.

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