Will men ever stop cheating?

The answer is no. No offense to the men because women cheat as well but this is the age old question that women would love to have answered, or even explained. Cheating has been happening over the years by men, women, animals, and celebrities. But why does society seem to make it a male-dominant practice. And by practice, by no means should it sound like a sport or Olympic contest on who can cheat the most but from my point of view men do this for various reasons. But these reasons seemed to speak for themselves:

  •   Human nature. They can’t help themselves.
  • Temptation. There are big breast slim-waist chicks walking amongst us all day. How can a guy not have the urge to neglect what they have waiting at home.

This is model Brooklyn Decker. She’s hot. How many guys can say their wife or girlfriend looks like this. One scientists explained that a brief conversation with an attractive woman can raise a male’s testosterone.

  • Cultural influence. They do as they see on tv and in society. Men want to be “playas” and have as many women they’d like and “smoosh” as many women as they can. Thanks to rappers and reality tv.
  •     Immaturity. He’s not ready to be a man so he still displays childish behavior.
  •     Dominance. They want it now so they go out and hunt and get what they want.
  •      Retaliation. He wants to even the score from when she cheated and now things are     somehow “right”. But like they say two wrongs don’t make a right.
  •     The thrill! That slight feeling of getting caught and sneaking around add adrenaline to the situation.
  •      Ego boost. He thinks he’s The Man after he’s done his cheating. He brags to his friends that he can have his cake and eat it to. When the partner finds out this will leave her hurt and not able to trust a guy again.
  •     The opportunity presented itself. Women will be women and try to seduce the man and most of the time it work. So we can’t blame men for doing the dirt when women can be as sneaky.
  •    Nagging girlfriend/wife. Enough said.
  •   No physical attraction. Guys like the thought of their girl being hot or sexy. He wants someone he can fantasize about and someone he can flaunt but when she’s not keeping her appearance up he’ll look for someone young and hot.
  •   He doesn’t love her anymore. Sad to say but sometime people fall out of love and cheating is a result of not breaking the relationship off so he doesn’t hurt her feelings.

If even one of these statements were to arise in a relationship, it motions the male to think about it, then take action. As a female, looking at some of these I ask myself how would this relate if the tables were turned and a lot of times they are. For example, I doubt if women cheat to brag or boost their egos. In fact, if a woman were to cheat we’d be called names or looked down upon were as men are somewhat congratulated among their friends. With that being said, we refuse to degrade ourselves our compromise our relationships. Cheating used to be done privately but now it’s as if infidelity has no meaning or a carefree meaning.

My inspiration for this subject is none other than the late night tv show Cheaters. The show centers around a male host who has a camera crew and private investigators to catch the victim’s partner cheating. My concern was that the majority of these episodes have a female victim and her boyfriend/ husband is doing the cheating. So I watch the show and they all have the same storyline:  female hires Cheaters to spy on her suspected cheating partner, crew confirms that the partner is cheating, host tells battered women of the news, she cries her eyes out until the confirmation, female continues to cry during and after confirmation. As she asks question, he has no good answer of why he has done this.

Here is a beautiful wife who is clearly hurt from her husband’s cheating. She wants answers.

The thing is, why do men cheat when they know feeling are involved. Women feel that they give their everything and commitment to a guy and he mentally ruins her. Men (and women) will continue to cheat as long as there are others on this Earth. Cheating cannot be stopped because the male brain will not let him. Not saying all men cheat but for the most part their minds wonder but when is wondering too late? Although cheating is no laughing matter comedian Dane Cook manages to turn a bad cheating incident into a comical lesson learned.




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14 Responses to Will men ever stop cheating?

  1. arcana29 says:

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  2. Jeff Acheampong says:

    This article sounds like the author of this must of been cheated on or something because to focus so much on men really isn’t right. It’s true that men and women both cheat but there is no way to prove who does it more.

    Ive learned one thing when it comes to cheating and thats when a women cheat it is a whole lot worse because it’s usually premeditated. Usually when a guy cheats it is with a girl that they just met, but when a women cheats with another man they have been talking for a while and they set up the time place and everything.

    • Hasn’t pretty much everybody been cheated on? It sucks, but that’s life. I don’t see what that has to do with the author.

    • nharr031 says:

      Well, this blog has nothing to do with my personal life. It was just a subject I though about for my anthropology class. To answer your question I have never been cheated on but I do know females who have and that’s the reason I chose to write about this topic. Like I said in my post, yes women cheat as well but women seem to be more effected by it. I have seen men hurt from a cheating wife/girlfriend but society makes it out to be male-dominant.
      Also, men and women both fall victim to random hookups and I agree with you women probably would like to take it easier to get to know the guy but both statements can go both ways.

  3. insuru says:

    I am not sure the real reasons men cheat but the ones you listed are pausible excuses. I think they cheat because its a power thing. Sucessful men from politicians, celebrities, athletes, and business executives seem to often have a sense of superiority and entitlement. They are on a power trip to conquer everything including women, just because they can. As for less successful men, they are just dogs!

    • This. Right here. Power is hot! Cheating is all about power and being dominating over your mate. Not only do successful men feel entitled to it but less-successful men want to taste that power trip that in ordinary life is just out of their reach.

      • Jana Jackson says:

        Thank you…I needed to see this, “less-successful men want to taste that power trip that in ordinary life is just out of their reach” because in my case, that definitely explains what happened, right down to his response.

    • nharr031 says:

      I agree. Men do it for the power but women do it more or less through feelings or emotion. Two very different aspects.

  4. Cheating happens and now a days it is happening more then ever. More marriages and couples are breaking up because of the husband/boyfriend or wife/girlfriend had a cheating episode that makes them not want to deal with the other one. I feel that we have lost that moral of respect to our loved ones. I have parents that have been together for over 40 years and when they grew up and when we are growing up is a whole different era. Temptations are everywhere for men and women and the time for them to take that chance is more available now then back in the day when we didn’t have cell phones or able to get in touch with the person right away. It is something very hard to deal with and I don’t think that we will stop dealing with cheating now or in the future.

    • nharr031 says:

      Temptation is sometimes too strong for even the most faithful man to resist. I think it’s all in our minds. Like i said in the article just speaking with an attractive female can turn a guy on. Imagine how far this could go if she initiates. Marriage also has a different meaning it did years ago. This can be proven with 72 day marriages.

  5. clunymac says:

    I belive Cheating has been around since the dawn of man, I think that when it was around the times of the caveman, cheating helped keep our species going.I think the idea of cheating is still around and always will be around in my opinion. If there was not cheating I think the lap of time between wives would take too long and in danger the early humans to haveenough off springs to keep the population of humans going. Thats why I think cheating will always be around and will never go away. The idea of cheating might change through time however there will always be cheating with humans.

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