Yankee Candle’s new line of man candles!

Scented candles have always been seen as a female household product. Candle smells that range from a fruity smell to a flowery type scent.  These candles are perfect to light up in a bedroom, during a bubble bath, or even on a romantic night. Last spring, Yankee Candle rolled out their new line of scented candles for men. These candles are clearly designed to target men that would never walk into a store like Yankee Candle. This grabbed my attention, being that I am an active candle consumer. At first seeing the picture of the man candles I immediately thought that this was a parody. But this was the real deal.

I thought the whole man candle line seemed gimmicky, so I took a trip down to my nearest Yankee Candle store to smell these man candles. I entered the store being hit by the over powering scents of all the combined candles and headed straight to the men section of the store. Now when I got to the men section, there were only four candles that were men scented candles.  These four scented candles include “Riding Mower,” “Man Town,” “2 X 4,” and “First Down.” I proceeded to smell the first candle called “Riding Mower.” This smelled definitely like cut fresh glass on a Sunday morning. I had to quickly put this candle down because I am not a big fan of cut glass. The next candle I smell was “Man Town.” Now this scent smelt like deodorant and cologne combined.  I would imagine that judging from the title and picture of “Man Town”, Yankee Candle was trying to hint a man cave type scent. A little strong for my taste but I’d say it smells a lot better then the “Riding Mower” candle. Candle number three is “2 X 4.” This smelled exactly like sawdust. I can’t imagine who would want their living room to smell like sawdust. Now maybe someone that works in a woodshop that enjoys the smell of sawdust may purchase this candle. But if that’s what they’re into, this is the perfect candle for them! Sorry not my taste, onto the next candle. The last candle I smelled was titled “First Down.” With a picture of a football in front of the candle, this kind of smelled like a leather pigskin football.  The smell was nothing too exciting.

If I had no chose but to purchase one of these four candles, I would probably go with “Man Town.” But staring at these man candles, I begin to question myself if would ever purchase any of these products. I thought to myself no, there are other great scented candles in the store that can easily be placed in the man candle section. These amazingly scented candles include “Midsummer Nights,” “Mountain Lodge, “Apple Cider,” and “Over The River” just to name a few.

Opening up this new line for men invite potential new customers such as men.  This can maybe help some men not feel that insecure about going into the store. If the men line doesn’t impress them, maybe another candle in the store will catch their eye and influence their decision to purchase a product. If anything these candles may be a great present for father’s day.

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4 Responses to Yankee Candle’s new line of man candles!

  1. theyoungleo says:

    I find it funny that Yankee Candles even considered making “man products”. Most men that buy candles either live with their mom, girlfriend, or wife, so liking candles that apparently were designed for women to like wouldn’t be a problem. Because we can use the excuse of shopping for the lady, or if you truly liked the scent so bad that you wanted it in the house , we could buy it as a gift for our mother , girlfriend, or wife.

  2. michalchavis says:

    I honestly cant imagine a man going into the Yankee store and buying anything especially one of these candles for themselves (as you’ve said). But maybe a wife or girlfriend would buy one of these for her man as a gag gift. Its nothing to be taken too seriously, I think.

  3. Bonus points to Rahat for actually going into a Yankee Candle to smell test these candles for us. Truly, the anthropologist is called to participate and observe, even when that means smelling ridiculous man candles. You definitely went above and beyond for this!

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