No one wants to talk about this, but…

There is a certain regression going on in women’s rights that should not even be an issue in the 21st century. But this isn’t about what my views or your views are, this is about choice slowly but surely being chipped away all over the U.S. Know what the topic is? Abortion.

There are various ways politicians have tried to take away the right to choose. It has been from a 24-hour waiting period beforehand, requiring a sonogram, cutting state funding for Planned Parenthood, or attempting a law stating that “life begins at conception.” Last year, there were a record amount of abortion restrictions enacted by states. According to the Guttmacher Institute, 162 new provisions were enacted in the first six months of 2011 alone that relate to reproductive rights. Of those 162, 80 actually restrict access to abortion in some way.

Along with the number of new laws, some politicians have habits of making preposterous statements. Senate nominee from Missouri Todd Akin is against abortion in any case and made headlines in August with his remarks about rape. He said, “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” To have such disrespect and belittle a serious issue is just baffling. But this is also the man who cosponsored the Sanctity of Human Life Act of 2009 with Paul Ryan.  The bill states that fertilized eggs would have the same rights as a human being. However, a bill like that would be hard to pass, as it would require a Constitutional amendment in order to succeed. The issue at hand is that such bills are written in the first place.

In Georgia, state representative Terry England made his case against abortion by talking about farm animals.  He did not directly call women farm animals, but in a twisted way he equated the death of pigs and calves to an abortion. It makes no sense.

The assault on abortion rights is occurring all over the country. Don’t support abortion? Fine. But don’t bring your personal beliefs up for a vote that will have serious consequences. Taking away a woman’s right to choose is terribly backwards. Regardless of the law, if a female wants an abortion, she will get one. So why not give them a safe place to have the procedure? It is between a woman and her doctor. When it’s gotten to the point that women are now crossing into Mexico to get medication that they hope will terminate a pregnancy, it’s a problem. This should be such a non-issue and that is the crux. I WISH I didn’t have to write about this topic at all. Not in 2012, not in an industrialized nation.

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6 Responses to No one wants to talk about this, but…

  1. dunit4rays says:

    I agree. Abortion is a very difficult topic of conversation as there are so many different cases and reasons for abortions. I completely agree that abortion is a case by case situation that should not be generalized. I think that the only area where I disagree is the fact that there are so many instances where abortion is unnecessary and the life that is essentially taken is not given enough of a voice. I cannot comment on instances of rape or medical dangers, but abortion due to inconvenience is unjustifiable.

    • hallokeri says:

      Whether an abortion is done due to inconvenience, the choice should always remain. Some women know that they cannot afford to raise a child at the time. So should they suffer because of that? Forcing them to have a child could be considered punishment. And it should not be the beliefs of any politician that should be what forces a woman to have a child.

  2. sarcrowe says:

    Also infuriating/baffling? Todd Akin is on the House Committee on SCIENCE. Not only does he think that women are much like ducks in the way they “shut down” rape, he’s also a creationist (a.k.a. an idiot). The perfect representative for the bright future of science in America.

    • hallokeri says:

      I don’t know how he managed to get on the Committee on Science, but I almost feel like it’s offensive to anyone who takes science seriously. And someone else who is on the Committee on Science (Paul Broun) also said that evolution, embryology, and the Big Bang are “lies straight from the pit of hell.” It’s ludicrous.

  3. I agree with you on women having the choice to choose whether or not to have an abortion. Not being able to have an abortion because of a man committing a crime is just out of line. The psychological damage only for the mother is just horrible. They should have a safe place to come to if anything like that would ever happen. Some politicians should really just not talk about things they have no clue about. This is a tough subject for anyone to talk about and I feel that this is something that everyday women should stand up and vote for or against this. Just have an anonymous vote one day and just let women vote to see how they feel about it. I think after the vote, you can see which direction they would need to go in.

  4. tvanh001 says:

    I agree with women should have the right to choose whether or not they want to terminate a pregnancy and i also think that they should have a safe place to do this. The thing i don’t agree with in some of the arguments pertaining to this is that there is a push for government funding for these abortions and for the facilities. Funding the facilities alone would be almost the same as partial funding for an abortion. I don’t think that taxpayers should have to pay even the smallest amount for this. When it comes down to passing laws for this, there is going to be a need for clearing defining the bill and how the women are going to terminate the pregnancy. Then there is Todd Akin….he’s an idiot.

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