Tattooed More than Dudes

When thinking of tattoos one may think of an inked up, hardcore biker or criminal with sleeves on both arms and enormous chest and neck pieces.  Or thoughts of guys sitting around in a tattoo shop tattooing each other may be images sprung to the mind.  Women, however, are becoming a larger part to these initial images with today’s world.


Tattoos are becoming more popular with our ever-changing society.  There was once a time where women had very little rights or freedoms, a much different story from today’s world where more women are going under the needle and getting inked than men.  This fact may be surprising at first, however there have been a few studies that have polled many Americans about their tattoos.


In this video, Lightspeed Research conducted a poll of 1000 people between the ages of 18 and 49 about whether or not they had a tattoo.  The results showed that 29% actually had a tattoo, with 59% of that number being women.  Of the larger number of women with tattoos than men, the same idea applies to tattoo removal.  More women undergo tattoo removal than men.


With the changing times, women are finding that tattoos are a great way of expressing themselves.  This is an idea that shows just how far women have come over the years of becoming equals in society.  Where women once were stared at for having tattoos, they are now much more accepted with the times.


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5 Responses to Tattooed More than Dudes

  1. aleex032 says:

    When I read this article I was like wow this is so true. When I walk around campus or look around at the females in the classrooms with me, I notice that they have large colorful pieces. Men and women are getting tattooed each and everyday. I think that men tend to have theirs in places that are covered such as their chest or upperarms. Females wear more revealing clothing so you can see more of their work. When I go to get tatted, my artist is female and her body is completely covered in tattoos,I think it’s common among all artist.

  2. brynn711 says:

    It is crazy to think how far women have come and how far will they continue to go? I myself, have two tattoos, one of which I would like to get removed. Thinking back on it, it was a dumb idea but something I did in order to be rebellious. I have mixed feelings on tattoos, yes some look really good, but at the same time what is it going to look like when you’re 60 and explanning the tattoo to your grandchild? I think there is a big difference when a female has a tattoo in a simple location that has meaning behind it compared to a female that has a huge tattoo on her chest, which is calling for attention, right? I personal think that a naked body (no tattoos) is so much more beautiful than a body with tattoos.

  3. hallokeri says:

    It’s neat that women are getting so many tattoos. I’ve seen many awesome tattoos on both genders. I feel like it’s important to get tattoos with meaning, especially for something so permanent. I would get a tattoo, but I am too indecisive about what I would want, so for now I will just wait.

    Also, the guy in the video was wearing an At The Drive-In tee shirt. That rules.

  4. Chelsie Hendrickson says:

    This article is so true. You see women more and more with tattoos. Where as before many women, and even men, were stereotyped for having tattoos. Tattoos can represent a personal experience, a loved one and even a simple work of drawn art. They are great ways to express oneself and the fact that it is becoming something more socially excepted is a great stride in todays society. Now a days you see a tattoo and look at it more as a work of art as opposed to a certain lifestyle.

  5. theyoungleo says:

    Very interesting I never took time to realize that women are getting tattooed as just as much as guys . This is huge for women because tattoos are one of the many taboos that they are erasing in their fight for total equality.

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