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Today’s new channels are filled with reports of crime, death, war, success stories, and new of everyday information. I watch the news in the mornings and then sometimes at night to see what is going on and what I have miss out on. Then I leave the news to watch some T.V. shows that I have come to watch on a daily basis because of the content of the show. Some of the shows that I have come to watch now are “Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy.” These are just a couple of shows that are on TV but when I thought about the content of the show, I thought about how crazy show of these TV shows are coming to. Breaking Bad, a TV show about a father who is diagnosed with cancer and was thinking about how he was going to support his family if he did die. He is a high school chemistry teacher and then becomes a meth cook to make quick easy money. Now, he is taking over a drug business and  having to kill people to stay in that position.

This trailer is about season 5 that just came on this past summer. I find it weird about how our TV shows have been coming to content in this area of drama. I don’t see this happening with our world today but maybe it is, not sure.

Another show that I have been watching is one about a biker gang that shows their problems and drama that they are going through. It deals with gangs, drugs, guns, killings, and a family. The main character is Jax, who is the son of the father who started the gang; he struggles with the club but in the long run, he hopes to get out and raise his family normally. In this process though, he goes to jail, his girlfriend/ wife breaks her hand ( which she uses because she is a doctor) and doesn’t know is she will be able to use it again in work, close friends dying and tries to keep his family safe the whole time. The drama that they deal with is just crazy and I could never see it happening in this world today.

This is just a short clip about season 5 that they are on now. I enjoy these shows on TV today because I found them better than watching the Jersey Shore or any other show on MTV. I don’t like watching the shows on the main channels like “The Voice, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars” because I just don’t like them even though they do show good things happening to some of those who work really hard at something they love.

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I'm a veteran that is going back to school. I was in the Army and now I work at a country club as a waiter part-time while I am in school.
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  1. ajkorngage says:

    It is wild to think about how far television has come. Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy are also the main shows I watch, maybe because my interest is highly in the criminal justice field. These shows allow viewers to get away from reality and be a part of the criminal world for an hour. Shows like this have started to become much more acceptable, even showing nudity on regular television. It is interesting to think about these types of programs in relation to shows from the past such as I Love Lucy or The Andy Griffith Show.

    • I agree with you on how the give you a chance to get away from reality and step into a TV realm where you see crimes and behind the scenes. The late night public has becoming to grow fond of these shows more I believe. Even some of the movie channels have come to this also, where showtime has Dexter, about a guy who works for a police department and is also a serial killer. One thing that we are losing is educational shows for our kids, they seem like they are replacing them with shows like Honey Boo Boo.

  2. ace1388 says:

    I agree with you on how TV has come a long way, and how crazy shows are by what they do and do not censor. Shows like Entourage, Sopranos, are some of my favorite dramatic sitcoms, but Workaholics and Parks and Rec are my favorite comedy sitcoms in which all four take us out of our reality and give us a hint what it was like to be an actor on the rise, or a Mob boss. In addition, comedy sitcoms like i mentioned show that not all work places have to be serious and people that actually do business are not boring and have no sense of humor. It is the shows like Jersey Shore, Honey Boo Boo, and Teen Mom are showing our kids the wrong thing to do. my girlfriend has a friend who’s 16 year old sister actually got pregnant so she can have a chance to be on teen mom. Do we really want our kids to be drunk in public, and flaunting there privates all over TV like there is nothing wrong. Obviously, the producer’s of Jersey Shore want us to do so. It is because of shows like this I usually just stick to watching ESPN, or watching old seasons of the shows mentioned. The learning channel transitioned to the Illiterate channel every since shows like Trauma life in the E.R. go taken off air.

  3. andersonk1 says:

    Television is definitely a way to get out of reality and jump into the TV realm. Crime, death, war etc. are all interesting to viewers therefore they watch TV. If the shows were boring and obsolete to humans then TV would not be as popular as it is.

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