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Structuralism and Post-structuralism

Notes on Gender and Anthropology, CH.6 and 7 Importance of studying ideology The ideational approach, much like the evolutionary and cultural materialist approaches also presumes itself to be foundational. Anthropologists and other cultural theorists do not see symbolism and ideologies … Continue reading

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Gender equality has come a long way since the days when women were expected to stay at home with the kids or go to work in the corporate world as a secretary with no chance of advancing beyond that rate. … Continue reading

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No one wants to talk about this (part two)…but everyone should be.

Seven days. That’s how long it took Savita Halappanavar to die. She arrived at Galway University Hospital in Ireland with severe pain.  She was 17 weeks pregnant and doctors confirmed she was miscarrying.  The problem was that even though the … Continue reading

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The Color of Indifference

A woman is physically abused every nine seconds in the United States.  Every day, four women die of injuries from domestic abuse, which is also the leading cause of injuries to women.  One out of every four women will experience … Continue reading

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Men, Women, Murder

   In the United States, murder is an interesting topic, but what are the facts between which sex commits more homicides and which is more likely to be the victim of a homicide? In a study based on the FBI’s … Continue reading

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The One Where Everybody Dies

As an avid lover of horror films, I have grown accustomed to the gore, story lines  and typical plot twists. The gorier and the creepier the better in my opinion. During my extensive movie watching career I’ve noticed a trend in … Continue reading

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Call Of Duty Reaching Out To Female Gamers?

When thinking of an average gamer people would usually think of a somewhat sloppy person, a bit overweight, and maybe a bit anti social. Female gamers do live amongst us and are not to be underestimated. They are all about … Continue reading

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The Third Jihad: Radical Islam’s Vision for America

  If you have the time to look at this video, please do, jump through the whole video if anything. It is 70 minutes long. This video talks at first about how a terrorist group attacked a school, killing women, … Continue reading

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Do women want chivalry around or do they want to phase it out in the push for equal rights?

Sometimes I ask myself, Why do I feel the need to hold the door open for a woman and let her pass through before I do but I will enter a place and make sure the man behind me catches the … Continue reading

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Stereotypes of homosexual culture

I think it’s interesting the stereotypes we have of homosexual culture in America.  There are several stigmas on the gay community on what defines “being gay.”  Sadly, many people to give more of a pass to women in many aspects … Continue reading

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